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Lift BIG is my way of paying it forward for all the knowledge I have received and experiences I've had training under Eric Troy of Ground Up Strength.

I intend on sharing my experiences and I'm going to keep this as practical and applicable to the real world as possible. I am not directly involved in the fitness industry from a career perspective however I take my training very very seriously and I have a bunch of people whom I help get strong.

I know lifts matter a lot and to be credible one must be able to walk the walk. So, let me cut to the chase, as on 7th July 2014, I am walking around at a bodyweight of 205 lbs and my lifts are:
Deadlifts 505 x 2
Front Squats 315 x 1
Overhead Press 205 x 1
Pistol Squats 100 x 1
Weighted Pull-ups +90 x 1
Dumbbell Rows 140 x 15
and a bunch of other strong stuff

I want to use this site as a platform to answer questions y'all have about strength training and maximal lifting and also to share the experiences I have had to get to this level. I am not the strongest guy in the world but I can definitely get you to be the strongest you can be.

I know some of you will have questions about who I am and what I lift and how much I lift, etc so I'm going to post a video from the Lift BIG youtube channel in which I introduce myself:

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