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Deadlift Plus Quality Hypertrophy

22 Jul 2014 17:43

This is my new routine thanks to help from Eric Troy of Ground Up Strength.

I want to try something new. I have always been a Deadlift focused trainee but I want to take that to the next level. I want to literally be a Deadift ONLY guy: not a Deadlift guy who relies heavily on Weighted Pull-ups, Dumbbell Rows, Front Squats, etc.

I don't want any more mental props. It will evolve with time based on my performance. There are potential problems regarding loading the spine. Sometimes one single heavy day per week is not enough. If my performance suffers I will make whatever changes Eric prescribes….

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Should a Strength Training Beginner who Wants to Get Big Concentrate on Size or Strength?

08 Jul 2014 18:45

Many people who do big strength training lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, and others actually want to gain muscle mass as a primary goal. In other words, they want to bodybuild. Will those big lifts help them gain muscle? Yes….

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Touch And Go Deadlifts versus Dead Stop Deadlifts

06 Jul 2014 18:14

Touch and go deadlifts are the subject of numerous YouTube videos and articles. Many lifters see this as an alternative method to "regular" deadlifts, and still others think of it as a standard way of training the lift….

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Quality Volume Training

05 Jul 2014 17:13

I am going to be making a series of videos regarding various progression schemes I have used to get stronger. The method I am going to discuss today is called Quality Volume Training or QVT….

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How To Make A Bad Workout A Good Workout

05 Jul 2014 16:41

This is the first episode of Lift Big. See the video below or read it as an article! What can do when your lifting session is not going how you planned? Sometimes, for all of us, the weights just don't move the way we expect them to. Is the right approach to just give up and go home, hoping that the next session will go better? That is what many people will tell you to do. They call this reactive training and they say that your body is telling you what it needs and what it is capable of. This advice is dead wrong….

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INSANE Front Squats 500 lbs x 12 Jean Francois Caron

14 Nov 2015 14:07

Want to see some super heavy front squats for reps?…

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Jeremy Hoornstra Rants about Online Strength Coaches

10 Nov 2015 21:17

Bench Press specialist Jeremy Hoornstra posted a rant on Facebook about the charlatans posing as fitness experts, gurus and strength coaches in the online world of powerlifting / weight training / strongman / fitness….

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Scott Paltos on Gaining Muscle

09 Nov 2015 22:21

Scott Paltos from Brian Carroll’s Power Rack Strength website recently published an article about gaining muscle and he has brought up a few points that I want to comment on….

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Steve Shaw on 85 Percent of Your One Rep Max

05 Nov 2015 22:43

Steve Shaw recently posted a status on Facebook about trainees calculating 85% of their One Rep Max….

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Fred Peterson Deadlifts 551 Pounds at the Age of 77

04 Nov 2015 15:13

Another video showcasing old man strength featuring Fred Peterson doing a deadlift with 551 pounds at the age of 77!

One thing that many people fail to realize about absolute strength as a skill is that it is different than other athletic skills.

While many athletes reach their peak in their early twenties and things go down-hill from there, strength development sometimes doesn't peak until the mid-30's or even older!…

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