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Slapbox: David versus Goliath

Last week the Shredz scam got exposed with Devin Physique getting sacked from Shredz and just when you thought that the YouTube fitness world could not get any more drama-filled, just a few days later Rich Piana and Jason Genova decided to slapbox.

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Strength Training SCIENCE?

Throwing around the word “science” tends to legitimize any argument.

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Shredz Debacle of 2016

Last week it was as if a dam broke and there was a surge of negativity and hatred directed at Shredz from the mostly holier-than-thou fitness community.

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Passing on the Torch by Greg Panora

Greg Panora congratulated and gave his seal of approval to Kevin Oak, Brandon Allen and Daniel Bell.

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Scottish IPF Meet Report feat. John Miller 470 kgs Total

My good friend John Miller competed in January 2016 at the Scottish International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) affiliated meet and totaled 470 kgs | 1036 lbs.

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Eddie Hall Gives Diet Recommendations

Eddie Hall gives diet and meal recommendations for people wanting to get big.

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Lab Coats, Osteoporosis and Weight Training

In July 2015, Yahoo News published an article with a supporting video of patients suffering from Osteoporosis engaging in weight training as a means to a cure or prevention in Brisbane, Australia.

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Linear Progression, Steroids and Pop Motivation with Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll wrote a myth-busting article on the various lies in the strength training world. The topics he has covered are linear progression, steroids, pop motivation, form and offseason down time.

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RAW Squat World Record with Andrey Malanichev at 475 kgs 1,045 lbs

The Russians have done it again! A new RAW world record for the squat with Andrey Malanichev lifting 475 kgs i.e. 1,045 lbs!

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The Power Guru of Monsta Garage by Eric Burtson - A Short Review

This is a short review of Eric Burtson’s tribute to the bench press specialization gym, Monsta Garage.

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RAW Bench Press World Record with Kirill Sarychev at 335 kgs 738.5 lbs

In November 2015 at the World Russian Powerlifting Federation championships in Moscow, Kirill Sarychev performed the heaviest RAW Bench Press of all time setting a world record by pressing 335 kgs or 738.5 lbs.

Like the icing on a cake, the only thing to further this impressive feat of strength is Kirill Sarychev's age: He is only 27 years old!

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Tony Bonvechio approaches the Deadlift using a Top-Down versus Bottoms-Up Technique

In this Technique Tuesday video, Tony Bonvechio describes two different approaches to the deadlift. One is a top-down set-up and the other is a bottoms-up set-up. These are different ways to set up for your deadlift.

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A Prescription for Joint Pain through Exercise - Harvard Medical School

Through their newsletter, Harvard Medical School has outlined ways in which exercising can improve and diminish joint pain. This is contrary to common knowledge where patients suffering from joint pain expect exercising to make their condition worse.

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Tom Martin sets a new British all time Powerlifting total at 890 kgs 1962 lbs

In November 2015, Tom Martin of Great Britain set a new powerlifting total at the 2015 Global Powerlifting Committee meet besting the previous record by 50 kilos. This is the highest total of any federation under the 100 kgs bodyweight category.

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INSANE Front Squats 500 lbs x 12 Jean Francois Caron

Want to see some super heavy front squats for reps?

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