RAW Squat World Record with Andrey Malanichev at 475 kgs 1,045 lbs

Posted on 06 Dec 2015 13:52


The Russians have done it again! A new RAW world record for the squat with Andrey Malanichev lifting 475 kgs i.e. 1,045 lbs!

It seems to be that time of the year when old records are being shattered. Just a few weeks ago, Kirill Sarychev smashed the RAW bench press world record by lifting 335 kgs and this first weekend of December showcased another incredible feat of strength with Andrey Malanichev squatting 475 kgs all RAW.

The World Russian Powerlifting Federation championship held in Moscow had a lot of big lifters expecting to outperform each other. From what I have read, Aleksey Nikulin set a new world record in the 82.5 kgs weight division with a 345 kgs squat. It is rumored that he hit the lift, fainted afterwards (immediately after the successful lift), then he went up for his next attempt and fainted after successfully lifting that as well. He went on to finish the meet and he did not allow these fainting episodes to deter him. If this is true, it is about as hardcore as powerlifting can get - showcasing sheer determination. In the SHW category there was intense competition to say the least; you had Eric Lilliebridge, Zahir Khudayarov, Andrey Malanichev and more all competing in the same meet. These are some of the best super heavy weight lifters being pit against each other! Sadly, not everything went as per plan. Eric squatted 430 kgs then failed his 2nd attempt because he tore his hamstring. He withdrew himself from the competition. His father Ernie Lilliebridge Sr. was supposed to compete but he did not go up. Zahir also did not compete although he was there to cheer on and root for the other lifters and help with the meet. So the big showdown everyone wanted to see of Eric vs. Zahir vs. Andrey never happened. In the end, Andrey hit a superb total with all 3 lifts including a new raw world record squat and a world record total as well:


475 kg squat
260 kg bench
400 kg deadlift

1135 kg total (2503 lbs)

There are a couple of things I want to mention. First, when you watch the video you will notice that despite setting up inside a monolift, he walks out the squat. It isn't required but it is a testament to the control and ownership he has of 475 kgs crushing down on him. Next, his depth is perfect. Most of the time we in the audience, are forced to question judges' decisions because a lot of lifts have questionable depth. But not this lift. 475 kgs was deep and perfect. His speed coming out of the hole is also noteworthy. Lastly, Andrey tore his hamstring earlier this year. So he shifted his stance on the deadlift from sumo to conventional. Despite this change, he has been able to master this new stance and nail it with his 400 kgs deadlift. This is commendable.

Now, without further adue, check out his squat video:

Andrey Malanichev NEW World Record Squat 475 kgs 1045 lbs RAW

Here is an image from Eric Lilliebridge's Instagram account of the big 3 superheavies. This is what Eric had to say about the meet and his fellow lifters

With @zahirkhudayarov & @andrey_malanichev after his new All-Time World record raw squat w/ wraps, 475kg! It was amazing to see in person. Congratulations again Andrey, you continue to inspire me more and more every time I watch you compete. Listening to the crowd when you stepped on the platform was like nothing I've ever experienced before. You're the best!

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