Chris Hickson 800 lbs Deadlift Attempt

Posted on 27 Oct 2014 10:32


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Chris Hickson attempted an 800 lbs Deadlift on the 26th of October 2014. He did not make the lift but with a little nudging from his team support and help he was able to lock it out.

Chris has been injured for a few months and he's spent his time trying to pack on some muscle while working around his lower back injury and knee and hamstring pain.

For those of you who don't know this, Chris Hickson exploded on the scene when he started training with the Lilliebridge family in Chicago and bumped his Deadlift up to a whooping 800+ all RAW.

In this video you will see a very enthusiastic and supportive audience cheering Chris on as he attempts an 800 lbs deadlift. Chris begins to the fail the lift around knee level at which point Ernie Lilliebridge Sr. and Ernie Lilliebridge Jr. step in and support the barbell on either side respectively. With the added help, Chris is able to lockout the lift after much struggling. He suffered from a massive nosebleed with blood all over the floor.

I know some people would give Chris grief for needing that support and who ever thought of anyone needing a "spot" while deadlifting but remember: Chris is a legit powerlifter who actually competes. This is not a competition, this is training, so certain liberties can be taken. Here is the video of the lift.

You will also observe that Chris has a unique way of setting up for his deadlift. It's unorthodox but it works for him. It is a point worth mentioning!

Congratulations on the attempt at 800, Chris. I hope you get it soon!

Check out his youtube channel, Click Here

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