Slapbox: David versus Goliath

Posted on 03 May 2016 22:42


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Last week the Shredz scam got exposed with Devin Physique getting sacked from Shredz and just when you thought that the YouTube fitness world could not get any more drama-filled, just a few days later Rich Piana and Jason Genova decided to slapbox.

Rich has received a LOT of flak for his handling of the Jason Genova situation and I’ve seen very few youtubers defend Rich. Bios3training is one big name youtuber who comes to mind but most have slammed Rich for picking on a mentally handicapped smaller and younger guy – even after Rich came out and apologized and said he did not know that Jason has learning disabilities.

Here’s what I think: everyone has some problems that they have faced in life – that is life. So using that as a defense to be a bully is not justifiable. Jason Genova is a bully. I know people think he is the underdog in this fight with Rich but he’s not: he has a loyal army of 200 people who will do whatever he asks them to do. Apparently he routinely picks on bigger YouTubers and levels an “Order 66” on them which is horrible for their social media. Order 66 is apparently a Star Wars reference (even the geek in me didn’t know and I had to look that up) entails that all of Jason Genova’s followers plague the offender’s social media with negative comments, down-votes and threats. Jason issues an Oder 66 to fuck with people to get them to do what he wants like colabs and sponsorships and he’s done that to Rich and Rich met him at an expo – or he walked up to Rich and he agreed to get into a slapbox fight with him to bury the hatchet.

I think this is perfectly okay. Suddenly everyone is angry that a 300 pound steroid user picked on a 220 pound guy with learning disabilities but this 220 pound guy has some 200 followers in his army and he is their leader so if you want to be a leader you have to face the responsibilities as a leader. I think Jason has a lot to learn from this incident. The guys recording his video and cheering him on knew what he was getting himself into and they were in on it and I think he was too. Being a bully doesn’t pay and sometimes this is what is needed to jar reality into someone. Hopefully Jason won’t level any Order 66s on anybody in the future.

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