New plan for Deadlifts: Honeymoon Period by Eric Troy

Posted on 07 Mar 2015 03:14


I have been experiencing some problems with my deadlifts over the last few weeks and initially I thought they'd go away in time. But, I was wrong. So as usual I sought Eric's help and he has given me a kick-ass plan for the next few weeks.

Honeymoon Period

Thanks to my mentor and coach Eric Troy​ of Ground Up Strength, I will be spending the next few weeks taking a break from Eric's Maintenance Mode Cycle and I will be doing the Honeymoon Period on Deadlifts starting at about 195 kgs / 429 lbs @ 85% of 505 and working up from there to something heavy(ish).

The goal right now is to really dial in my set-up.

Click HERE for the Honeymoon Period

I always love going back to basics like this. I will be focusing everything onto my set-up. I need to raise my hips a bit, retract my shoulder blades and activate my lats, take the slack out of the bar and build that strong drive off the floor. I need to really discipline myself about my set-up.


Speed Work

Additionally, I will be re-starting my Speed Deadlift cycle @ 67% of 505 i.e. 155 kgs / 341 lbs for 2 reps x 8 sets and I will be adding 15-20 lbs to the bar every week. This falls onto my second DL day of the 10 day rotation I follow.


I am not one to be a stickler for form for the sake of form. But, it is key to have a strong set-up to nail these big weights and if my set-up remains the way it is now, I will have a very weak foundation for my maximal strength. I need to be disciplined about my set-up and really hone in the lift and make it work for me. Eric Troy's Honeymoon Period is going to do just that.

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