Double Standards and Hypocrisy in the Strength Training Community

Posted on 29 Oct 2015 18:53


In the Powerlifting community — and this has become synonymous with "Strength Training" — the new unspoken set of rules for economic success is to train hard, compete, and set at least one World Record in some federation (there are about a hundred of those so pick something legit), write an eBook workout program, claim you use it for your "many" trainees and sell the hell out of it.

These are the same people who laugh at gullible gym goers who buy muscle mags to follow professional bodybuilding routines.

So to put it plainly: following Kai Greene's workout in Muscular Development is bad for you because you don't have his "enhancements" or his genetics BUT following "XYZ" WORLD RECORD Holding Powerlifter's routine is okay because…why?

  • because strength can be earned by anyone?
  • because strength is easier to develop than muscles?
  • because anybody filled with passion and determination can become a world class strength athlete but only the genetically superior and pharmaceutically enhanced can become a professional bodybuilder?

This is a huge joke to me!

It is utter hypocrisy. This is just as bad as those "strength coaches" who go constantly promoting other programs. You are a strength training COACH!

Why would you go do someone else's program? Haven't you spent enough time training yourself to know how to make yourself a more efficient lifter in the gym?

Or, have you just been sitting on your butt claiming to be a world class coach hand picking already strong athletes to further your own ambitions, and now you decide to get in shape (and this is giving you the benefit of the doubt that you've actually done the program and you're not just promoting it for kick-backs) you are using some other coach's program?

Either you are okay with both professional bodybuilders and powerlifters pushing their routines / programs or you call bullshit on both of them. You can't be okay with one and not with the other because it stinks of hypocrisy and double standard.

Being a successful bodybuilder does not qualify you to train others to become bodybuilding champions. It's true. Being a champion powerlifter also does not qualify you to train others to become world-class powerlifters. Neither, by any stretch of the imagination, qualifies you to write one-size-fits-all bodybuilding or powerflifting programs for the general public. And, frankly, anybody can write and publish a book today. ANYBODY!

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