Old Man Strength with Ernie Frantz

Posted on 05 Aug 2015 10:25


Ernie Frantz is a prime example of Old Man Strength. Ernie is undergoing surgery at the ripe age of 82 to lift BIG!

Barzeen Vaziri has posted this status on Facebook that you can find by clicking HERE.

"Everyone is quick to demand respect in powerlifting. Everyone wants to be known as a badass and be considered an expert after a few meets. Badasses, experts, and people who have earned respect never need to say it for themselves.

Let me put it in perspective. Ernie Frantz squatted and pulled over 800 in his 60s at around 220 bodyweight in gear no more supportive than under armor. Now he's 82 and just got his knee replaced so he can start squatting heavy again. Ernie is a badass who deserves respect, the rest of us need to shut up and get back to work.

Heal up quick, coach."

I share some of Barzeen's sentiments about people demanding respect. Infact, I would go so far as to say that the new trend in the powerlifting community is:

  1. Find a federation to compete in (there are over a hundred)
  2. Set a "world record" in that federation
  3. Write a book about how you program is the best
  4. Make sure your program has only ONE type of progression to it
  5. Market the hell out of the book with pretty pictures on social media
  6. Start doing seminars all over the world talking about your personal training, etc

I think it is more about making money than demanding respect, but I digress. This blog post is about Ernie Frantz. Here are some videos of Ernie lifting huge weights - especially for his age. This is a prime example of someone peaking out late in life. Most of the time powerlifters peak at the age of 40-45 or so. This legend did it late and did it well!

Ernie Frantz Deadlifts 315 pounds @ 81 years

Ernie Frantz squatting 150 at 82 years old

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