Perfect Technique in Olympic Lifting vs. Absolute Strength Performance

Posted on 02 Aug 2015 12:08


Eric Troy writes about Form and Technique in Olympic Lifting versus Absolute Strength Performance.

Olympic Lifting is a purely technical sport. While this type of absolute statement may not be spot on the money, if you view it relative to absolute strength performance like Powerlifting or Strongman, then it almost becomes clear why its true. Strongman involves much more endurance, or work capacity, than Powerlifting, but they both involve brute strength, and are much less technical than Olympic lifting.

I have observed among coaches and gurus who are studying any of these sports on an academic level love to theorize about ideal form and usually these inexperienced and misled individuals will offer critique on maximum lifts while keeping "perfect form" of Olympic lifting in mind. I am making this about people viewing either sport through the lens of academia because once you actually begin to train and get results you cannot be rooted to theoretical and superficial rules. Eric has written more about this in his status below. If you want to view his original status Click HERE. Eric has also recently written about form and technique in strength performance out HERE.

Olympic Lifting vs. Powerlifting

"There is a fairly fine line between perfect technique and maximum performance in Olympic lifting, and because of this, perfect technique will look superficially similar, in terms of form, to most people's eyes.

This line between technique and performance in absolute [maxiumum] strength performance is not such a fine line at all. There is more a range in how you can get the job done. This wider range causes great confusion because people expect to be able to pick out good technique from superficial form more often than they actually can. Don't be too confused. Technique is your intention. Form is the outcome, based on the reality of the weight you're trying to move. That form may not always look pretty, just like a street fight looks nothing like a Jackie Chan movie."

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