Good Form? Bad Form? Lifting Heavy Weights with PERFECT Technique?

Posted on 02 Aug 2015 11:39


Eric Troy posted a Facebook status about people's attitudes towards form and technique work. We all lift heavy weights and the founder of Ground Up Strength has some very interesting thoughts on the matter.

Eric actually posted about people expecting perfect form with hugely heavy weights. Personally, I have encountered a lot of criticism for not lifting my one rep max with "pretty" looking form. But the ground reality of lifting big weights is that once you get close to your actual one rep maximum: you cannot physically use your best form. You undoubtedly will have the INTENTION of using good form but the weights you are using will not allow for that pretty picture in your mind to become reality. Below is Eric's post copy pasted and then later linked:

Limit Weights by Eric Troy

"If your goal is to lift a limit weight, that is, the most you can lift, and you do it with the same fucking form you do with 1/2 or 3/4 of that weight, then guess what?

It ain't a fucking limit weight!

If you don't know this, you don't know jack shit about training for absolute strength. It is fundamental and it speaks to the goal. You can NEVER lift the "heaviest possible weight" with "pretty form." And the goal of training for absolute strength is to lift the heaviest possible weight.

There are acceptable risks and unacceptable risks but lets make one thing abundantly clear. Once you take a true max balls to the wall PR and manage to lift it with "perfect form" it has long ceased being a limit weight.

There may be folks who can simply make it all look pretty, but that is not most folks. Do not get the goals of training mixed up with the goals of performance.

Here is the reality. If I tell people the opposite, if I tell them, hey, ALL your lifts better look friggin perfect or you're doing it wrong, and talk about "good form and technique" as if it is an end unto itself, people would like it better.

Why? Because it makes them feel better about themselves. Hey, I believe that! I believe in doing it "correctly" too! I like this because it makes me feel and look correct. And, since I'm actually afraid to lift the heaviest weight I can, but would like people to think that I actually try to lift heavy weights, why, I have a defense! I am doing it correctly, with perfect form, while all those other idiots, who actually lift much much more than I've ever dreamed of, are incorrect.

What does this mean? Most people don't wanna lift no heavy-ass weights! Hows about the form experts tell this guy how incorrect it all is?"

You can view Eric's status by Clicking HERE

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