Banned from the Olympia 2015 - Kai Greene Speaks Out

Posted on 15 Sep 2015 16:24


The 2015 Olympia will not have Kai Greene competing in it nor will Kai be featured at the Expo.

It was quite shocking for me to see Kai Greene banned from the 2015 IFBB Olympia. Initially, like Chris Jones from BeastMode Training Camp, I too thought that perhaps Kai has moved on to better and greener pastures. Chris has detailed this in his video and the truth is that Kai hasn't won a single Olympia. Sure, he's the People's Champ but he has not secured first place on stage. So I figured that perhaps Kai has decided that it isn't worth his time and effort to try for something he will never be allowed to achieve and instead he is going to go on to be a motivational speaker or conduct seminars, etc. But that isn't the case. He hasn't opted out of the Olympia: he has been black balled by the organizers.

Now if you watch Kai's video wherein he has spoken about his inner thoughts you will find that he doesn't state why he has been banned from the Olympia. There are speculations that when his sponsorship with MuscleMeds came to an abrupt end he had reneged on the terms of his contract and there is a lawsuit in play here. But these are all speculations. Marc Lobliner (video linked below) has speculated that when Kai (and partners) launched their new supplement company they threw their weight around in the bureaucracy and refused to pay rent for the booth at the expo and caught up in these negotiations, they missed the deadline.

Although the inner workings of the machine are not for us normal people to view, I am aware that Kai not winning the Olympia is political in nature. To the men who have authority: Kai is a poor representative of the sport of modern bodybuilding because of his past and to make him win would be to endorse his desperate actions at the time to earn money. I don't agree with this because his transgressions (for lack of a better term) are many years behind him and as long as I can remember he's been a stand-up motivational positive participant in the sport - a really good ambassador.

So the current scenario is that Kai is out of the Olympia 2015. I think, if I was Kai, I would walk away from the mainstream sport. I would go to Vegas and do a seminar. I know it would be a full house because people booked tickets to go to the Olympia just to watch the heated drama and showdown between Kai and Phil. So Kai should ride that wave and come to the seminar ripped and in contest shape. He should perpetuate this controversy. He can talk about bodybuilding, etc and then just not compete this weekend. There would be an outcry over how conditioned Kai was at the seminar vs. Phil. And the next big show (Arnold or whatever) Kai would be back on stage to compete. But he'd turn away from the Olympia and refuse to compete and at the same time keep doing seminars to build the hype. At the end of the day the reality of the situation is that the Olympia in and of itself will not fetch him money. It is just one of many appearances he needs to keep his name out there. So he should milk that for what it is.

I know that the Olympia is a business and it is wrong in principle to allow any athlete to throw his weight around with fees, etc. It's just not right. However, to drop someone like Kai and just not have him compete is also bad for the show. I say this because bodybuilding is not a growing "sport". It is a growing industry for people selling supplements, clothes, etc but it is not a growing spectator sport. The only reason why people watched last year's Olympia was because of all the intense and heated drama between Phil and Kai. At the end of the day bodybuilding is a beauty pageant so any hype will help organizers make more money. To remove one of the factors of such hype is short sighted. But the other side of the sword is that Kai's lost some face on the matter as well. So if Kai doesn't compete and if these speculations turn out to be true: both the Olympia and Kai did themselves and each other a massive disservice.

Before I link the videos of Marc Lobliner and Chris Jones - two men from the fitness industry whom I hold in high regard and respect, I want say that it is funny that conservative Christian, anti-porn Luimarco broke the news of Kai's elimination from the Olympia 3-4 days out from when the news broke mainstream media.

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