RAW Bench Press World Record with Kirill Sarychev at 335 kgs 738.5 lbs

Posted on 29 Nov 2015 10:57


In November 2015 at the World Russian Powerlifting Federation championships in Moscow, Kirill Sarychev performed the heaviest RAW Bench Press of all time setting a world record by pressing 335 kgs or 738.5 lbs.

Like the icing on a cake, the only thing to further this impressive feat of strength is Kirill Sarychev's age: He is only 27 years old!

Let's look at Kirill Sarychev other vitals:

  • Kirill Sarychev height: 6'6"
  • Kirill Sarychev weight: Close to 400 pounds

According to a post on Facebook and he competed in the Super Heavy Weight category at the WRPF championships. If you observe the video you will notice the sheer control exhibited by Kirill as he handles the weight crushing down on top of him. In a time when the legitimacy of most "world record" attempts are questionable at best, Kirill has performed an extremely clean bench press record. In fact, he has gone on to smash the word record of 327 kgs twice in the same meet. Looking at the ease of the rep and the control exerted on the weight, I believe that Kirill will go on to smash this record in the future. It looks like he left some weight on the platform - he definitely has more in the tank.

Kirill's attempts were:
1st Attempt - 310 kg | 683.4 lbs
2nd Attempt - 330 kg | 727.5 lbs World Record
3rd Attempt - 335 kg | 738.5 lbs World Record

Russians are notorious for training with sub-maximal weights and a lot of internet specialists are attributing this world record to this Russian method of training. Kirill is also listed on the Russian coach Boris Sheiko's website as one of his star pupils and in December 2014, coach Boris published a thoroughly superficial and banal analysis of a comparison in deadlift form between Benedict Magnusson and Kirill Sarychev.


Training with sub-maximal weights is a stark contrast to what most of us practice when we get our bodies used to handling heavy weights on a regular basis. Of course, it should be noted as a preamble to all this hypothetical discussion that we know nothing of Kirill's actual training leading up to this competition and all this talk of Russian programming and prioritization is pure speculation and observation of other lifters. As a further caveat, I would like to state that Kirill has been interviewed in 2014 by All Things Gym.com and he has stated that he hardly ever trains his max at the gym and when he hit a bench press of 326 kgs in 2014 he had touched 300 kgs in the gym just one in his 12-14 week meet prep. Keep in mind that just because his 14 week plan didn't have a max that doesn't mean he doesn't hit a max the remaining 38 weeks of the year and speaking of maximal loads, 300 kgs is 92% of 326 kgs so it's not like he is flirting with purely sub-maximal weights. Additionally, a lot of these routines that are popularized on the internet make percentages seem highly rigid when in reality they serve as guidelines for weight ranges that should be used and more specifically they are tweaked to individual powerlifters. So there is more to what meets the eye when you see Boris' 6-week novice program or any such other routine. You can read a more detailed article on Percentage Based Routines by clicking HERE. Without further a due, check out Kirill's insane performance and feat of strength:

Kirill Sarychev hits a World Record RAW Bench Press of 335 kgs | 738.5 lbs

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