Kshitij Mehta talks about the Indian Bodybuilding and Fitness Industry

Posted on 24 Jul 2015 00:14


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A good friend of mine posted a status on Facebook regarding the bodybuilding and fitness industry in India.

Before I repost Kshitij Mehta's status, I'd like to discuss a few things. To begin with, I live in Bombay, India and while my blog posts cover a variety of topics related to strength training and weight training, today I want to discuss bodybuilding and the Indian fitness industry. Most of you living in the United States, Canada, England, Australia and Europe will identify with this scenario: local bodybuilding champion inflates his career as fitness guru and becomes top trainer in a particular locality. This is the same nonsense that goes down here in India; every second or third trainer at a gym is an ex-bodybuilding champion at the local or district or state level (allegedly) and is therefore empowered with a "great" deal of knowledge regarding "fitness". He (or she) is your one stop solution to all things gym related!

In his post, Kshitij has highlighted a crucial problem in the fitness world we are immersed in: it's not about the back biting and back stabbing that keeps happening (this drama is universally present in abundance) but the rampant use of chemicals to push results. Contrary to what famous certification programs boast of in India, all of them (some more so than others) lack the substance to make personal trainers really good at their job. And a LOT of personal trainers resort to chemicals like steroids and various other super chemicals like growth hormone and insulin to get their trainees the results they desire. Don't get me wrong: no amount of hard work or smart work will ever get you the results that steroids will; but you will be most surprised to see shitty training methodologies and approaches get mediocre results that are hyped up to be epic. These mediocre results are gift wrapped as advanced level stuff all thanks to the discrete consumption of these chemicals.

I want to tell you that substance beats fluff every time but I would be lying if I told you that. I know a lot of you will feel Kshitij's frustrations because the circle jerk of the fitness industry is present at every level across continents.

Kshitij Mehta's Facebook Status Quoted

"What is Body Building literally?

Nourish your body do some good anaerobic workouts and then take to whatever goal u have in mind….


Man I need that stuff which he is on I want to beat him though I don't know who the fuck he is….I just want to want to….I want the stuff he or he or he is on I want all ….These kind want all but not the sense of the crux that is nourish and be true to exercises. .. seen such should I say dumb or desperate people to get on to such stuff that is tagged as wider stuff being the PEDS. … its crazy and scary

Ufffff trainers too using shortcuts for their trainees or then stick them trainees on to pre digested elements so soon that the inert ability of trainers wears out faster…I wanna at times slap them trainers but they are also working their asses off and pay scale in gyms aren't that we'll too…yet did not play with fellow human beings… stay true work harder and speak up to them employers or get fantabulous at the JOB…."

Kshitij Mehta's Facebook Status Direct Embed

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