You MUST Train Legs by Marc Lobliner

Posted on 20 Jul 2015 23:17


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lift-big-fb-button.png?ukey=3ed2ddf7cf508a623de589568cf9c02f95c585b3 lift-big-google-button.png?ukey=6bbef068eb7ddfc2729fafdcfd7894e59694b1c0’s Marc Lobliner and his trainee; Daniele, recently published a 9 minute long video wherein they discuss penises and training legs.

It is a funny coincidence that I am writing about Marc's video just after finishing up my Squat Workout.

The basic gist of this video is that Marc and Daniele went in to train legs and they met a guy who said that he doesn’t train legs because his legs respond really well to any direct training and they blow up really fast. Predictably anti-climactic: his legs were not impressive or muscular. Well, Marc and Daniele decided to do a video discussing why training legs is so important and I have a few thoughts on the matter. Before I begin let me show you the video:

You MUST Train Legs Video

The Bodybuilder Perspective

From the perspective of a bodybuilder it is crucial to train legs if you are going to compete or step on stage because you cannot have a lagging body-part like legs and expect to win. However, if you don’t really want to compete in bodybuilding and you only care about aesthetics then it is completely up to you.

On one hand you have people preaching that you shouldn’t lift weights or train a particular way just to impress someone of the desired sex because lifting is all about self improvement while on the other hand you have people asking girls (who lift) whether they like guys with big legs just to convince you of how to train. I don’t buy into this double standard and I think that if you don’t want to train legs you shouldn’t train legs. But you should be aware that there will be a visible imbalance and you have to be willing to deal with that imbalance.

The Strength Training Perspective

From a strength standpoint there is nothing mandatory about training. You don’t have to squat, bench press or deadlift if you do not want to. If you choose not to train legs but you decide to focus on a lift like the deadlift there is no steadfast rule that you will fail at lifting. However, at some point your strength imbalance will catch up to you and you will have to face the consequences of avoiding a whole bodypart. As long as you are honest to yourself about your reasons for avoiding legs you will be better prepared to tackle the obstacle of legs being your limitation in adding weight to the bar on other exercises like the deadlift.

Just to throw this out there, and this is purely observational, you would assume that guys who are bench press specialists have really pathetic squats and deadlifts. But you'd be wrong to assume so. They might not have very impressive numbers in relation to their bench press but they DO train these lifts regularly and their performance is still a significant cut above the average lifters'.


Bringing it all back, I think that the question of whether or not you should train legs is completely up to you. While that may seem very liberal on my part, you should keep in mind that you are responsible for avoiding a whole body part and whether you are into this for aesthetics and personal satisfaction or professional bodybuilding or even strength training: not training legs will take its toll on you and you have to be willing to face those consequences. The topic of discussion is legs but it may as well be any other big muscle-group like back and this statement will still hold true.

Marc Lobliner, contradictory to what he concludes the video with, says earlier in the video that you don’t have to train legs but you should be honest with yourself about that. I agree with him on this point because very often I have observed people complain about leg training due to vanity or just impatience. And of course, every so often there are people who carry fat on their legs and they happen to respond very well to training legs so their legs “grow”. They don’t have the patience to follow through on that wave because inevitably your body will "adapt" and you won’t be walking around with Dorian Yates’ size legs on a tiny body structure. Therefore, you must be honest with yourself about your training and your goals because this is the only way you are going to achieve them.

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