Scottish IPF Meet Report feat. John Miller 470 kgs Total

Posted on 26 Jan 2016 21:03


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My good friend John Miller competed in January 2016 at the Scottish International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) affiliated meet and totaled 470 kgs | 1036 lbs.

John Miller competed this weekend for the IPF and this was his second full power meet and first meet of 2016. John has competed in a push-pull only meet before. This full power meet, the first of 2016, was held on Saturday the 23rd of Jan 2016 and it was run by the Scottish Powerlifting fed. They are the Scottish part of the IPF.


John Miller


John Miller

John competed at a bodyweight of 91.6 kgs and here is the brief overview of his performance at this meet:


130 kgs | 287 lbs - Good Lift
145 kgs | 319 lbs - Good Lift Meet Personal Record
155 kgs | 342 lbs - Good Lift Meet Personal Record

Bench Press

100 kgs | 220 lbs - Good Lift
105 kgs | 231 lbs - No Lift
105 kgs | 231 lbs - No Lift


170 kgs | 375 lbs Good Lift
200 kgs | 441 lbs Good Lift
215 kgs | 474 lbs Good Lift Meet Personal Record

John went 7/9 with 3 personal records in one meet and I think that is a great outcome.

Meet Performance Details & Thoughts

I have conversed with John via Facebook and he has some thoughts that will compliment his performance. To begin with, John went into the meet with a pulled back muscle and was unsure where he would be able to lift at all. I think set-backs like this are common in our sport but it is commendable that he was able to overcome it - and how! 7/9 white lights! Given this situation, John decided to start conservatively and relied on his warm-ups to set the attempt weights. He began squats with a comfortable 130 kgs which he bumped up to 145 and then subsequently 155 kgs for an all time meet PR. Sometimes we are unsure of whether our performance is in accordance with the rule book of the meet and the squat is one of those exercises that is debated upon heavily. That is why most people really try to bury the squat as deep as possible for the sake of caution. Therefore, it is no surprise that John was unsure of the legitimacy of his squat (naturally, he cannot view himself hitting depth) but the judges gave him the green light and his meet PR.

Going into the meet with a pulled back muscle, John expected squats and deadlifts to trouble him but bench to be comparatively easier. He was surprised to find the exact opposite happened. His trouble lift for this meet was the bench press. After smoking 100 kgs, he bumped up the weight to 105 kgs. He failed 105 on both attempts because he could not lock out the bar completely. John feels that his grip was off and he was out of his groove - he probably should have taken a narrower grip and his triceps need to be worked on and brought up to par because they failed him as well. You will also notice in the video that these are IPF rules which means you have to pause the barbell at your chest before the head judge gives you the command to press the weight back up. From the video it appears that John's super wide grip got him out of his groove and the bar trailed too close to his face just before he failed. I agree with John's assessment that he should work on bringing his grip in.

The last lift was the deadlift and expecting his back to be a bit tender, he used his tried, tested and proven conservative method again and had the bar loaded to 170 kgs. He was able to lift it easily and the bar speed was good enough for him to push the boundaries a bit and take 200 kgs. His second attempt with 200 kgs was successful so he decided to go for broke at 215 kgs. This was an all time meet PR for him when he locked out 215 kgs at the top. The video linked below is a compilation of all his lifts at the meet. John has a very narrow stance with is deadlift and I liked how he was cautious enough to hold on to the bar even after he brought it back down till the judge gave him the OK to end his attempt. It is so often that a good lift is discounted because of a technicality - and one of the IPF rules that is heavily enforced on the deadlift is gripping the bar from start to finish as indicated by the head judge.

John Miller Scottish IPF Meet 470 kgs Total

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