Muscle Hypertrophy With Rich Piana

Posted on 26 Jun 2015 11:41


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I have trained at gyms which host some of the biggest strongest ‘roided up bodybuilders in my country and when I saw Rich Piana’s video on being obsessed with weight I think he is hitting the nail on the head!

I have trained with PRO Bodybuilders who are obsessed with hitting their one rep maxes on squats and deadlifts because they want to promote their ideology of “lift big to get big” and unsurprisingly they’ve all failed their bodybuilding competitions. Don’t get me wrong, with all the steroids and DNP and growth hormone they inject into their bodies they look far superior to the regular gym goer. But at the end of the day no matter what plethora of drugs you take, if you are training incorrectly you will never beat the guy who is taking the same drugs as you but has his training on point.

If you go through my old training videos (and I have been recording my workouts since 2006) you will notice that I used to be really small and skinny. Skinny fat, but I was lifting a lot of weight. For the last year I have changed my priorities. I have been training to get big(ger) while still prioritizing getting stronger on the deadlift exclusively. I find that one year into training to get big, what Rich Piana has to say is the fundamental difference between training exclusively for strength (performance) and size (aesthetics).

You cannot do rep maxes on squats and expect to grow big thighs. It doesn’t work like that. I recognize this is anecdotal but you must be able to do really high rep sets. Some people do get big just doing heavy weight low reps but these are very few and far between. And if you want to specifically target your legs (while we're on the topic) then you should be able to kill it with few exercises and high volume on those exercises.


I am really impressed with Rich Piana because he has illustrated that you don’t need specific exercises to get big but you need to change the parameters within which you are working to get the desired results. Bodybuilding is simple in that regard – much simpler than strength training which is all about performance. If you want to get big, then training wise you must put in the volume and it is about numbers – rep numbers. You must be able to add more and more volume to your exercises and then play with density through rest intervals to get that muscle growth. I think that this old school method of getting big will not get accepted by most mainstream bodybuilders who are trying to promote strength training under the clout of bodybuilding or vice versa (what a royal clusterfuck, don’t you think?) and failing at both extremes. You have to narrow down your priorities and make your training result oriented. So do what you must to get the results you desire and if you want to get big then train specifically to get big!

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