Fred Peterson Deadlifts 551 Pounds at the Age of 77

Posted on 04 Nov 2015 15:13


Another video showcasing old man strength featuring Fred Peterson doing a deadlift with 551 pounds at the age of 77!

One thing that many people fail to realize about absolute strength as a skill is that it is different than other athletic skills.

While many athletes reach their peak in their early twenties and things go down-hill from there, strength development sometimes doesn't peak until the mid-30's or even older!

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules and young people sometimes show prodigious strength development at an early age, even in their teens.

But there is a such thing as "peaking too soon" and this kind of miraculous seeming progress is often followed by a series of injuries and the rest of your career being one hurdle after another. Strength really is about the long-haul. It is not a sprint.

Still, nobody expects someone past 40 to be very strong, or to still be getting stronger.

People think its too late, or you must be too old to still train like you need to. That is why it is exciting when someone who's been around the corner a few times shows the gym-rats how its done!


I mean, let's be honest: most of our elders especially those who are hitting a certain seniority do not lift weights. Quite a few of them do not even workout and most of them are riddled with health issues.

However, I like to think a lot of us young folk find inspiration in those with more experience in life doing the same activities we strive to be better at. In this particular case, I am talking about the deadlift. Fred Peterson has a bunch of heavy deadlifts under his belt and on the 2nd of November 2015, Al Bianchi uploaded a video to Facebook of Fred performing a deadlift with 551 lbs at the age of 77.

Facebook video of Fred Peterson deadlifting 551 pounds at the age of 77

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