Posterior Chain, Back and Triceps Training Advice by John Pinder of Iron Addict's Forums

Posted on 03 Mar 2015 14:59


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I maintain a training log on Iron Addicts Forums and the owner, John Pinder, is a great guy who happens to check my log every few days and he offers some great suggestions.

The band work I've recently incorporated for back and tricep training: Band Lat Pulldowns, Band Seated Rows, Band Resisted Triceps Hell are all ideas he's given me.

So today there's a few more exercises I've been introduced to which I will incorporate as soon as possible.

Chuck V. Rows

I am going to be using a band instead of a pulley because that is what I have access to. John has recommended sets of 20 reps for Chuck V. Rows. Btw, Chuck V. is Chuck Vogelpohl from Westside Barbell (this might reduce his credibility haha).

Another variation of these are "Stretchers" as pointed out by Mike96 and with these you stretch your lats before getting into the row. I like the looks of both these variations.

Band Dips

This is from Mike96's log (thanks to John) to overload the triceps in a way that weighted dips alone cannot do. Also, I think this way the triceps can be more isolated versus regular dips. I will not be replacing Dips with Band Dips but I'll be adding Band Dips to my arsenal. John has recommended sets of 20 reps for this exercise as well.

Skater Squats

John recently had a discussion with Scott in Mike's journal and here is what he felt about Skater Squats:

I noticed you mentioned your glutes so thought id share this. So I did these the other day for the first time and they fried my glutes. 5 sets of 10 reps each leg. Today is day 2 afterwards and my glutes are very sore…

Single Leg Deadlifts

This is an exercise Eric Troy has made me do in the past and I am well versed with. I haven't done these in a while so it will be fun to bring these back. I won't be adding them in just yet though.. I want to use the above exercises first and build on them for a while. John did the same conservative low volume Eric has recommended:

I did these with 25 lbs dumbbells and my low back got insane pump 2 x 10 each leg and followed it up with 5 x 5 front squats, full range of motion.

Bottom Up Zercher Squats

This is another exercise I haven't done in a LONG time and I'd completely forgotten about. I like this exercise but with my back issues I will be introducing it gradually.

Since you like trying new stuff: try these on one of your lower days. I didn't film the previous set 405 x 10 but got this on. Very effective for mid back training (at least that's where i feel them the most) - great assistance work for dead lifts.


I am excited to sink my teeth into these new exercises. I will post my own videos once I've gotten proficient at them which shouldn't take too long!

Additionally, I'd like to give a shout out to John. He's a personal trainer who is great at what he does but he didn't hesitate to help me out plus he's not one of these egotistical guys who has an issue with me having Eric Troy as my mentor and coach.

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