Training Differences between PRO Bodybuilder and Powerlifter featuring Donnie Thompson and Evan Centopani

Posted on 05 Jun 2015 09:44


I believe this interview between Donnie "Super D" Thompson and Evan Centopani is the real deal.

Professional Powerlifters keep releasing their prescribed or endorsed strength training programs and routines which are essentially a bastardization of middle-ground strength training and academic bodybuilding. But not Donnie Thompson.

Super D is the only man in history to total 3,000 pounds on the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. One of the reasons why I am a big fan of Donnie Thompson is because he is very honest and you can see that in this video.

Evan Centopani, PRO Bodybuilder and Super D, PRO Powerlifter talk training. Super D says that as a powerlifter he walks into the gym with a plan in his mind and he will spend 4 hours training to get where he wants to be - numbers wise. Because I train the deadlift specifically for maximal end strength I really identify with this.


Centopani discusses how his workouts are structured around "going in and getting it done". It's not about numbers but about training effect, feeling the pump and blood flow and hitting the muscle groups he wants to hit. As someone who is trying very hard to add some mass to his back, I also identify with this. Going in and getting it done is an approach I am working on adopting because it is very far removed from what maximal strength training is about. There are no long breaks between sets and you have to do things you'd never do as a absolute strength trainee: feel the pump, perform sets to failure, drop-sets, rest-pause sets, super-sets, etc.

Centopani talks the real deal and when he's asked about whether he will squat first or least on his leg day he says it doesn't matter: he needs to feel the muscle worked and that is exactly how bodybuilders train but very few people come out and say this. Evan Centopani emphasizes that his goal is not to hit a big weight but to feel like he has trained really hard. Donnie has to chase a big weight to squat. Centopani, when he squats, is trying to get the feel of having done some solid hard work. There's a stark difference between the two.

Check out the video:

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