Rich Piana's 2015 Olympia IFBB Predictions

Posted on 08 Jun 2015 10:36


Rich Piana posted his predictions for the 2015 IFBB Olympia PRO Bodybuilding Competition which is coming up very soon.

This is a strength training site and I am not a big bodybuilding fan. However, I think I am part of a large number of people who didn't care about PRO Bodybuilding till last year when the competition heated up between the two giants Phil Heath and Kai Greene. Add to that I tend to like most of what Rich Piana has to say when it comes to the dirty side of the fitness industry: because I have seen most of this first hand in India as well.

In the video below, Rich has discussed who he expects to win the 2015 Olympia and he has said that it is time for the king to be dethroned because it is becoming monotonous. I don't quite agree with this or see this happening. I think Kai Greene's past with the grapefruit and sex videos will never let him become a true ambassador of the sport - as in politics will dictate him never becoming #1.


I don't know enough about everyone else to predict who is going to come on stage looking better. But, I think from a strategic standpoint, there is going to be a lot of powerlifting drama. Like genuine drama. If you look at most youtube channels (including Rich Piana's) you will find that the overwhelming majority of all comments are silly and insulting. But us gym goers and social media workout enthusiasts love drama. Last year more people watched the Olympia just because of the verbal spat between Phil and Kai. So I expect the show organizers (and the actual puppeteers) to keep this rivalry and animosity going to attract more people. You can be sure to expect more fitness people saying that "oh this will create a negative image of bodybuilding" but guess what: it will get the most viewership as well…and as far as beauty pageants go that is much more important.

Check out the video:

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