Rich Piana talks about "Bridging" and "Cruising" While Taking Steroids

Posted on 10 Nov 2014 09:37


Being a strength trainee who does not take steroids I feel silly about posting things regarding steroids: I don't have the first hand knowledge required to refute or acknowledge some of the lore that is being told.

However, I have been around enough professionals who do this stuff for me to observe a pattern and I think in this video Rich Piana discusses some important aspects of "roiding".

I'll list both these points before elaborating:

1. Rich says that when you go off you should go off completely to allow your body to repair itself. I've observed enough to see this is mostly how a lot of guys who've been in this business long enough operate.

2. Rich mentions that anybody who talks about "bridging" and "cruising" between two cycles is basically ON right through the year and it reeks of drug addiction - and I think this is the most crucial point.

With regards to the first point, I have observed actual professional bodybuilders going through "ups" and "downs" where they go from looking massive to "soft" and then back.

Most experienced and level headed guys are fairly honest about their drug use so I can safely attest that as a complete outsider and non-user, this is what I have observed others doing.

The second point is really what should be taken into account because I have seen young gym goers - even 17 years old, taking heavy doses of test, etc. and then getting really dependent on this stuff.

Taking steroids is not a walk in the park: it does involve that mental dependency on it to function - or belief that that is the only way you can function.


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