Richard Hawthorne Deadlifts 650 lbs at 132.2 lbs - 4.93 Times His Body Weight at NOTLD 2015

Posted on 25 Oct 2015 23:23


Richard Hawthorne aka "The Ant" has set a new deadlift record at Night of the Living Dead 2015.

I absolutely had to share this feat of strength with you guys. Richard Hawthorne has hit a HUGE deadlift of 650 lbs weighing in at 132.2 lbs.

That's a bodyweight multiple of 4.93 which might just be the highest of all time.

Richard Hawthorne recently opened his own gym in D'iberville, Mississippi called Southern Elite. He is also a sponsored athlete of Animal Pak and has represented them at The Cage [1] at the Arnold Fitness Expo in the Greater Columbus Convention Center in 2013 and 2014.

In The Cage, Richard is known for deadlifting 625 lbs in powerlifting gear weighing in at his usual 130 lbs or thereabouts. Nicknamed "The Ant", Richard has managed to add a new strength feat to his impressive resume of lifts.

Richard returned to the powerlifting scene in 2011 after a brief absence and he took the strength world by storm. Iron Magazine interviewed him at the time and you can find his interview here. In 2014 he was interviewed by Daily Fitness Interview and in his interview he covers his goals, his training and his achievements.

Richard has deadlifted 610 lbs for a double at a bodyweight of 132 lbs, he has pulled 601 lbs at 130 lbs bodyweight all done RAW (Richard is a geared lifter).


Richard updated his youtube channel with all 3 pulls from NOTLD 2015 and I am going to link those videos first. After that I will share the updates on Facebook so those of you who want can add him as a friend or follow him.

And for those of you who are interested, here is everything from Facebook:

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