Robert Oberst American Record Log Press 460

Posted on 29 Oct 2014 20:52


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Robert Oberst, now sponsored by Mark Bell's Slingshot, set a new American Record on the Log Press with an impressive 460 pounds!

I love Strongman Training and I think the Overhead Press is a fantastic lift. In fact, in my own training I prioritize it over the traditional flat bench press.

Before I post the link, I want to mention something about the video.

In the clip, you will notice that once Robert has cleared the log and is holding it on his shoulders, he almost goes in for the attempt but holds himself back at the last minute because he is unstable. That is why he stumbles forward a little - this is what I interpreted from the video.

In any case, he waits and regains a firm footing and then presses the weight overhead and holds it at the top.

This is a commendable achievement and a huge congratulations to Robert Oberst!

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