Shredz Debacle of 2016

Posted on 03 May 2016 22:10


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Last week it was as if a dam broke and there was a surge of negativity and hatred directed at Shredz from the mostly holier-than-thou fitness community.

For those of you who may not be aware, Shredz is this fitness supplement company that is supposedly overpriced and with dubious ingredients in their supplements (oh how original for criticism, right? ha!) and they have a whole team of athletes who help promote their products as well as custom programs, nutrition plans, etc. They have risen to fame very recently and they've made a LOT of money. I don't know how and I don't know whether it is true, but news articles featuring the CEO Arvin Lal have showcased his rise saying the company went from earning $90,000 in it's first year to 5 million dollars or something ridiculous like that in 3 years…. so whatever. The point is, their marketing is on point. They don't promote their products directly. What you will see, for example, is Paige Hathaway relaxing in a bikini showing off her body against a backdrop of the ocean or some city skyline with a Shredz shaker cup or bag or something next to her. That's it. All of their promotion revolves around showing a lot of flesh from both sexes of athletes and their products in the foreground of the pictures.

So this week, a few guys got together and decided that enough was enough, let's take down Shredz. Bradley Martyn, some guy called Cali_Aesthetics on Instagram and Look Good Naked began exposing various tricks Shredz athletes do like buying instagram followers, conducting fake 30-day challenges and pocketing the money, unethically charging $500 for a 15 minute skype consultation and the final trigger was Devin Physique's personal secretary coming forward and saying that she's the one writing Devin's client's nutrition and training plans under the guise of Devin because Devin does not know what it is to train or help someone else. So as you can imgine, Arvin, the CEO of Shredz, dropped Devin and there's been a lot of hoo-ha about how Paige should be next because she's got breast implants and ass implants and she also tricks people blah blah blah…and one by one all the athletes should be targeted and knocked off the board. I don't know why Vegan Gains, probably one of the biggest attention cravers in the fitness world, criticized her for having breast implants..seems ridiculous.


Shredz Logo


Shredz Logo

But anyway, here's the thing: Shredz is not the only one nor it is the first or the last supplement company to sell dubious products, display skin and pump sex appeal or create a sub-sub-culture to gain popularity. So I find it hypocritical that the ax is falling on Shredz as if this is the only cancer within the fitness industry. Infact, it is debatable whether or not implants, eye candy marketing and overpriced products is worthy of being labeled as a cancer. I want to get something straight: I am absolutely fine with people making money but I despise it when fans and the audience makes it out to be like only a company is doing me a huge favor by selling me this product. You know back when Mark Rippetoe was gaining popularity with Starting Strength version 1.0 people would act like he was a messiah - like he was helping people get strong out of the goodness of his heart. It's not like that. Sure, maybe a part of him wanted to help but that is not the sole reason. This is a fucking business. Business is business. That is also why I am not offended or outraged that Shredz athletes don't write their own routines. If you're guillible enough to sign up for their personal training it means you haven't done your research, nor do you want to and you are highly impressed by the athlete. So if you get a cookie cutter routine it is not the end of the world. Same thing with a ghost routine writer…I'm reading John Connolly's Charlie Parker series right now. If you tell me that John had a ghost writer for the book would I be offended? No. Ben Affleck didn't do his own stunts in Batman vs. Superman. Oh my god how shocking! Not.

I think it is important to know why you stand for something. For example, I've been in the online fitness world since 2004 and I've been posting on forums since then. I don't want to drop names because I do not have the old emails anymore and I don't remember the forum either because forums have become obsolete in the last 3-5 years…but there was a powerlifting "guru" who EVERYONE would ass-kiss on and and meso rx forums and mmipowertraining (which is sadly now defunct) and this guy used to get people to pay him money and he would give them stupid cookie cutter workout routines and nutrition guidelines. I'm talking utter bullshit. But because he was such a celebrity in the online world, nobody called him out on it.

So when you make statements like she looks too good to be real she needs to be made an outcast for her enhancements - I find that ridiculous. It is also ironic because a huge majority of the online fitness industry is on various drugs and enhancers themselves - and I'm not even talking about photoshop! I am not a white knight: don't go off in this direction that oh look this dude's just smitten by Paige. I will tell you right up that I find her very attractive and she's sexy as hell, but I think if you let your resentment towards others' success get to you then this whole justice delivering system becomes a case of haves versus have-nots and that just defeats the whole purpose. You want to hate something then have a reason. Shredz is more successful than my brand, Shredz stepped out of the line, Shredz is more immoral relative to everyone else in the fitness industry - these are not reasons to hate or to conduct an "order 66" on them.

If you want to call someone out for photoshop then call out everyone who is photoshopping their promotional gear. If you want to call someone out for steroids do it across the board. Just targeting one person is like bullying and I think a large part of the momentum against this company is just jealousy and bullying. I don't see people calling out Bradley Martyn or Kali Muscle or whoever else for their alleged steroid use. But Devin uses steroids or photoshop and it's time to bring the house down? Here's why I am happy that the Shredz bubble has burst: cheating and stealing. Stealing people's money and cheating them is wrong. For THAT you should call out Shredz and their athletes. So I think it is good that Paige's cookie-cutter programs and nutritional information is now out there, out in the open - same with Devin and because of this investigation there is a legitimate smudge on the integrity of Shredz products and services. This is really good stuff and I stand by that decision to not sit silently on the sidelines while they cheat people of money. They must be pulled up for this and I think Bradley and Cali_Aesthetics and Look Good Naked or whatever his name is have done an excellent job with this. I mean, really, major props to them: this is really good stuff. In no way am I wanting to play down what these guys have managed to do nor am I justifying bad business practice - and that is exactly what Shredz has adopted. I just want to emphasize that you can't let resentment and jealousy be the bulk of your motivation to seek this justice or to expose those that are doing wrong.

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