Supertraining Gym Backyard Meet 3 Recap by Ernie Lilliebridge Jr.

Posted on 13 Nov 2014 07:54


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Ernie Lilliebridge Jr. competed in Mark Bell's Supertraining Backyard Meet 3 at Supertraining Gym in Sacramento California. This was not a good powerlifting competition for Ernie and he performed unsatisfactorily.

Despite that, I think his attitude is wonderful and I want to share what he posted on his Facebook status.

I am glad to have gotten permission from him to post this.

Eric competed Saturday, November 8th at the ST Gym Backyard Meet 3, but things didn't go as planned. He was there with his dad and two other teammates. While warming up for squats, he was helping to wrap his teammate's knees and also spotting. When it was time to take the platform and lift, he was out of energy. He had about 20 minutes to warm up from the time he took the bar to the time he took his opener.

He succeeded in his opener of 705 pounds but his legs felt like jello and his lower back was extremely tight and hurt due to a preexisting injury. On his second attempt he tried for 755 but his knee wraps shifted and pushed him forward and his lower back gave out. He tried again on his third but he just didn't have it.

Then came bench. His warm ups went good. He benched his opener of 440 and it felt very easy and light. He tried 463 on his second attempt but he felt his left pec knot up and roll as he was beginning to lock out. Afterwards, there was a big lump and it was very sore. On his third attempt he took the same weight but tried moving his grip in by two fingers, pinky inside the rings. When the bar was coming down he felt a pop and on the way up it felt very tight. He was worried about tearing it so he stopped.

Deadlifts went a little better but Eric was still feeling pretty beat up. He was on Vicodin but his lower back was very tight and his pec wasn't behaving during the pulls, either. He was forced to rush through his warm ups again and was only had time to warm up to 500lbs in the back room before going out and having to jump right to his opener. He got my opener of 705 (500 to 705 is HUGE jump!) and and his second attempt of 755. On his third attempt he put on 782 but he got forward on it and strained his pec badly. He stalled about halfway up the lift.

Eric said that he could have come up with a big line of excuses but but the truth is it just wasn't his day! Despite all this, still finished with a 1901 total and 1st place and best lifter of the meet! Says Eric:

"I want to say a huge thank you to my wife and dad for their continued support and coaching. Also, thank you to Tom Kallas and JP Carroll for all their help traveling and at the competition."

Thank you to all my Sponsors, BSN, Slingshot , Speedinc

Thank you Mark Bell and Cara Westin for hosting another great backyard meet!

Thank you Team Lilliebridge for all your help during training as well!

I will be competing December 6th, 2014 at The Holly Jolly Bash. If all goes well hopefully I will be healed up and ready to set a new world record!"

Good luck, Ernie Jr.!

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