Wayne Dicenzo's Maryland States 2014 Powerlifting Meet Write Up

Posted on 02 Nov 2014 16:47


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Although I am not a "Powerlifter" by any means, I really love following the sport and I think the guys and girls who put up meet reviews are doing a great service in helping others to know what to expect when they go in for a competition. I was lucky to obtain permission by Wayne Dicenzo to post his 2014 Maryland States Powerlifting Competition meet write-up. The text below is written directly by Wayne and I am posting it completely unedited.

Meet write up (MD States 2014)

Awesome meet today. Still the weakest there for now. Every guy was jacked in every division from 132 to my 181 division. I was the most out of shape one there honestly. Goes to show im meant to be at a lighter class and need to eat healthier. Every dude there is solid and eats healthy. I'll be 181 in the long run. But time to cut some as I got here so unhealthily eating 5-6k cals a day from fast food.

With that being said here are my and my wife's results:

Weight 175.something

Squat - 330 (27 lb meet PR. 5 lb PR from mock meet)

Bench Press - 220 (stupid easy 17 lb meet PR. 5 lb PR from mock meet. 2nd attempt at 209 felt way too heavy. Way heavier than 220. I swear I could've doubled 220 and gotten 230+)

Deadlift - 380 (6 lb meet PR. Tied mock meet PR. strained my abdomen. Swear it's my damn belt. Went for 391 and failed)

Total - 930 (50 lb meet PR)

8/9 on my attempts. Best meet ever so far.

My wife's results
Weight 120.something

Squat - 181 (22 lb meet PR. 11 lb PR from mock meet. Insanely easy!)

Bench Press - 126 (Tied old PR. Failed 132)

Deadlift - 209 (monster 22 lb meet PR. 9 lb PR from mock meet. She had way more. Like 220-226)

8/9 as well. She won a medal for the jr division.

Awesome day for both of us. Gonna pound some more food….. My healthy journey begins tomorrow haha.

I'll be squatting benching 3x a week as well as OHP's undulating my periodization. Deadlifts and close grip bench twice a week. Accessory work as needed with a focus on arms mid back.

Later, Wayne discusses using a belt. I feel like chipping in here but I'll post what he has to say which is in response to what another member of bodybuilding.com posted:

I'll see how beltless deadlifts go. I may need to strengthen my core without the belt and the belt may be too tight. I've heard others say they don't have their belt as tight on the deadlift as they do the squat.

Here's what I want to say: I don't like wearing a belt for deadlifts or squats. I only wear a belt for my Overhead Press. Eric, my mentor and coach, does not look down upon wearing a belt but it's a personal choice for me. I have been able to strengthen my core and keep it strong without a belt. I also feel severely uncomfortable using a belt for deadlifts. But, regardless of whether you use a belt or not, I think strengthening the core is essential.

Congratulations on a successful meet, Wayne. Great work!


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