World's Strongest Man 2015 with Event Details and Final Standings

Posted on 31 Aug 2015 21:59


World's Strongest Man 2015 videos and event detail charts with final standings are here!

There are 3 parts to the World's Strongest Man 2015 competition and if you want you may scroll to the bottom of this post to get to view all 3 of them. Before you do that, have a look at the charts from each of the events which has the placings of the top 10 strongest men on the planet.

Held in Putrajaya, Malaysia, ten of the strongest men in the world faced off against each other over six events for the title of World's Strongest Man.

The list of competitors is as follows:

1. Brian Shaw (USA)
2. Zydrunas “Big Z” Savickas (Lithuania)
3. Hafthor Julius “The Mountain” Bjornsson (Iceland)
4. Mark Felix (Great Britain)
5. JF Caron (Canada)
6. Jerry Pritchett (USA)
7. Dimitar Savatinov (Bulgaria)
8. Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia)
9. Eddie Hall (Great Britain)
10. Mike Burke (USA)

Eddie Hall is the dark horse of the top ten and Mark Felix is competing after 8 years and is the oldest competitor at the age of 49.


Event 1: Super Yoke Walk

WSM 2015 began with a super yoke walk. Competitors had to walk with 1,100 lbs over 20 meters for time.


Event 2: Deadlift

Competitors had to perform the Deadlift loaded to 814 lbs for reps within a 1 minute time cap.

The DL bar is really slim so the whiplash is hard to overcome for many of the athletes. I expected Big Z to win this event but he was gassed out on the 5th rep.


Event 3: Truck Pull

This event was all about pulling 61,600 lbs of truck weight for 25 meters under 1 minute. None of the competitors completed this event. Everyone ended up short.


Event 4: Power Stairs

Competitors had to pick up 3 sets of weights weighing 495 lbs each for 5 steps each within a 1 minute time cap. Big Z just breezed through this event and when he was interviewed by Kaz, he explained that he has been suffering from back problems which is why he did not perform up to par in the first two events.


Event 5: Log Lift

Classic Strongman log lift to hit maximal weight starting with 363 lbs. It is amazing how easily Eddie Hall killed 429 lbs but if there was anyone who could steal his thunder it was Big Z who just smoked 451 lbs.


Event 6: Atlas Stones

Another all-time classic Strongman event to pick up and clear atlas stones weighing 330 lbs to 460 lbs for a total weight of 1,975 lbs under 1 minute.


World's Strongest Man 2015 Final Standings

I knew it would be a really close battle between Big Z and Brian Shaw. I am disappointed Z did not win but I am sure he will come back in better shape next year. The athlete to really look out for is Eddie Hall, in my opinion. I was always skeptical about his involvement but the way he has dominated this competition despite being the "new kid on the block" is admirable.


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