Zack McDole's Write-Up On the IPL World's Meet Raw Classic

Posted on 11 Nov 2014 20:24


I figure this will help those of who haven't yet competed in any real meet understand how professional powerlifters feel when they compete. Here is the verbatim tale of Zack McDole competing in the IPL World's 2014 Raw Classic.

Well my meet didn't go quite as planned, but I took second in a class of 10 that included quite a few who made me look like I don't even lift.

SQUAT: I decided to make this interesting just like Dave did.
OPENER: 584 X I stumbled backwards after the squat command
2nd: 584 smoke show just like it should have been
3rd: 655 pretty smooth and may have had another 5 kilos in me.

BENCH: A little disappointed here.
OPENER: 407 pretty smooth, but left shoulder was feeling funky. No pain just weird.
2nd: 435 pretty smooth
3rd: 451 X stapled. No idea what happened here. 435 felt smooth enough to give this a go. Obviously 440 would have been a better selection given the outcome with 451.

DEADLIFT: This went pretty well considering how I've trained my deadlift leading up to this meet.
OPENER: 584 super easy
2nd: 644 smooth but not easy and I honestly feel like I was gifted this. I don't appear to be fully locked out. I know I didn't set up the best and get myself as tight as I could so I knew I could go up here.
3rd: 655 nice and smooth and actually better than 644. I may have had 661. I knew I needed this pull to stay in the top 3 and possibly get second if some of my competition missed their 3rd. I also needed this because Dave had out benched me by 50lbs.

Moving forward I have to handle more weight if I'm gonna be more competitive wearing knee wraps. I'm gonna be out of the wraps for a quite a while. I'm gonna be training high bar for a while to get my high bar squat up to 585-600. As for bench, I'm gonna bring my grip back in. I'm not 100% sure what the issue is with my shoulder. Obviously, if it's not feeling right again pretty soon, I'll be getting it looked at. I also need to reconsider my peaking protocol for my bench. Training went well and I did some things that indicated an increase in strength. The only issue is that I didn't make it happen when it actually counted. My deadlift is in a good spot. I'm actually pretty happy with what I did and what I think I could have pulled had I went for it. Hopefully, I can get back to pulling sumo exclusively even if it is every other week.

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