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Sumo vs. Conventional Stance Deadlifts

Sumo versus Conventional stance Deadlifts: Which is Best for You?

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5 Secrets of the Deadlift featuring Andy Bolton

The first man to break through the 1,000 pound deadlift benchmark has listed some secrets to the deadlift and being a deadlift enthusiast, I have my views on the matter.

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A Quick Tip on your Deadlift Set-up for Beginners

I want to give you guys a really quick and short tip on how to deadlift. This is aimed at beginners and people relatively new to the movement.

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The Hook Grip Will Add 50 lbs to Your Deadlift Instantly?

Elliot Hulse, among others, has claimed that using a hook grip will INSTANTLY add 50 lbs to your deadlift. Sometimes other instant additions are claimed, such as 25 lbs. This claim is directed at people whose grip is holding them back. So basically Elliot Hulse is saying that if you grip is holding you back from lifting a bigger weight, then shifting to the hook grip will instantly add 50 lbs to your deadlift.

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Supersets & Struggle-Sets for Advanced Deadlifts

I am about to make some radical changes to my training and I wanted to update you with my plans.

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Rack Pulls: Above or Below Knee Level?

One of the questions I have been asked is whether I believe Rack Pulls should be performed above or below the level of the knees.

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Touch And Go Deadlifts versus Dead Stop Deadlifts

Touch and go deadlifts are the subject of numerous YouTube videos and articles. Many lifters see this as an alternative method to "regular" deadlifts, and still others think of it as a standard way of training the lift.

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