Deadlift Struggle Sets & more Deadlifts (26 June 2015) with VIDEO

Posted on 27 Jun 2015 21:00


Deadlifts from Friday night involve doing ridiculously difficult struggle sets.

For those of you who are unaware of what I am talking about, please click on this link: Advanced Deadlift Supersets & Struggle Sets

I increased the weight on the second round from 185 kgs to 190 kgs this week. The time spent struggling was also really good and I am going to bump up the weight on the first round to 190 kgs next week as well.

The final set of 125 kgs x 12 reps was brutal and had me really beat. Surprisingly it wasn't draining on my back as much as it was on my hamstrings. I have been concerned that I am not doing enough posterior chain work but now I understand why Eric has always told me I am doing enough.


I will be doing my back, biceps and traps workout on Sunday. I am aiming on doing a set of deadlifts at the end of back and traps (before biceps) with 100 kgs for 15-20 reps just to get that hypertrophy going.

Before we begin with the workout, I want to give a bit of a KEY to explain the abbreviations for some of the terms I am about to use:

185 kgs = 407 lbs
190 kgs = 419 lbs
PL = Pre-Lockout
K = Knees
S = Shins

Graduated Deadlift Struggle Sets:
185 kgs @ 15 seconds @ PL
185 kgs @ 9 seconds @ K
185 kgs @ 6 seconds @ S
190 kgs @ 15 seconds @ PL
190 kgs @ 9 seconds @ K
190 kgs @ 6 seconds @ S

190 kgs x 3 x 3
125 kgs x 12

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