Squat OVERDOSE High Box Squats, Regular Deep Squats & RDLs (29 June 2015) with VIDEO

Posted on 02 Jul 2015 17:44


I am late in posting this update to my log. It's been a few days and let me tell you that after this workout was done my knees were in severe pain and my legs were annihilated. The pain and soreness has considerably subsided in the last couple of days and I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be good to go for deadlifts. Going into the workout, my knees were hurting. Right knee especially. The pain erupted for a second right after I hit the maximum depth I could on the Squat. But after RDLs it began to subside considerably and now there is just soreness in the quads and hips. Perhaps it is just a regular flare up that happens when one tries to do High Box Squats. Hopefully it will be gone in 1-2 months. I'll be maintaining small jumps in weight till then. This same stuff has happened to me before when I first did Anderson Front Squats as well as when I used to do too many high rep Pull-ups (on the elbows).

High Box Squats:
135 kgs x 5 x 3
Volume = 15

Regular Deep Squats:
115 kgs x 5
115 kgs x 5
75 kgs x 25
75 kgs x 15
Volume = 50

20 kgs x 12 x 3
Volume = 36


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