Supersets with Deadlifts and Back exercises w/ VIDEO (03 July 2015)

Posted on 04 Jul 2015 11:53


This is last night's workout update of heavy deadlifts and back exercises being done in supersets.

I have a lot of things I want to talk about regarding this workout. I want to discuss what I felt going into the workout, how the workout actually went down and what I aim to do in the future.

To begin with, after my last squat session I was incredibly sore. Infact, I was limping around for a few days and I was really scared that I'd be handicapped going into this workout. But the soreness (which is still lingering and very painful) did not interfere with my deadlifts. I believe it was because the only time I feel the soreness is when I get into the squat position and when I do deadlifts I never get my hips that low so the pain never had a chance to surface. Also, I usually eat a good pre-workout meal before going in to train but today I skipped the meal due to time constraints. Also, this was an incredibly long workout so all I did was sip on my coke throughout the workout.

The workout itself was really good. I started off with 207.5 kgs 457 lbs which is 90% of my 1RM (and 2RM) 230 kgs 507 lbs and I worked up from 207.5 kgs to 215.0 kgs 473 lbs. Totally there were 8 sets that were done. I'll try to make this simple, I have 3 back exercises I am using as supersets to deadlifts: dumbbell rows, high to low band rows and band upright rows. I did these 3 exercises twice over which means I have done 6 sets. Set number 7 involved JUST doing the back exercises in one tri-set and then after a 5-6 minute rest I pulled a final deadlift of 215 kgs. It felt great. My only gripe is that my barbell is really well knurled and it is ripping up my palms. So I am going to resort to using straps for my warm-ups again. I don't want to have my main sets suffer just because I was/am too proud to use straps on the warm-ups to preserve the integrity of my delicate palms.

Next week I will continue to work up the weights and perhaps take 217.5 kgs 479 lbs for a single at the end. I am going slow and steady with the progression because I don't want to hit 500 too soon. I do know that in 6-8 weeks I just might pull my max of 230 kgs 507 lbs for a heavy single or double.

I am really enjoying doing the bicep work after deadlifts. I am steadily getting stronger on preacher curls. I know a lot of you will find this ridiculous and laughable but I have been lifting weights since 2004 and I have been training for maximal strength since 2011. I never trained biceps or triceps at all till January of this year - 2015. That is 10+ years of no direct arm work. So as you can imagine, I feel a little odd using such light weights for arm work but as long as they are growing and their scope of progress is visible I am satisfied.

I do want to add though that I get asked all the time about back soreness after deadlifts. People ask me if deadlifts make me sore. No, they do not make me sore per say but they do tire the hell out of me and I want to sleep for a long time afterwards (not immediately afterwards - more like 4-5 hours later). However, doing these supersets definitely takes it's toll on me and I am sore the next day. Today, I can't put my shoulders down in their normal position because of the soreness in my traps haha!


Deadlift and Back Supersets

DL: Deadlifts
DBR: Dumbbell Rows
H2L: High to Low Rows
UR: Upright Rows

DL 207.5 x 2
DBR 30 x 15

DL 210.0 x 2
H2L #2 x 20

DL 212.5 x 2
UR #1 x 20

DL 212.5 x 1
DBR 30 x 15

DL 215.0 x 1
H2L #2 x 20

DL 207.5 x 3
UR #1 x 20

DBR 40 x 15
H2L #2 x 20
UR #1 x 20

DL 215.0 x 1

Preacher Curls:
RP is Rest Pause
5 x 20 RP
7.5 x 15 RP
10 x 8 RP
12.5 x 3 RP

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