Deadlifts & Row Supersets w/ VIDEO (3 Aug 2015)

Posted on 04 Aug 2015 22:30


I am getting up there with the weights on deadlifts and rows done as supersets.

The plan this week was to keep the micro-loading going and adding a bit to last week. Last week I cranked out 220 kgs 485 lbs on the last set so this week 220 kgs got moved up into the main 6 sets (a whole new type of challenge) and 222.5 kgs 491 lbs was the final set of deadlifts. I am really happy with this. I think my bar speed and confidence with 222.5 kgs was better than it was with 220 kgs.

I understand that some of these weights might be a bit confusing to view in kilograms so the chart below should suffice to switch between kilos and pounds and the % of my 1RM they are (1RM = 230 kgs 507 lbs):

Kilos LBS % of 1RM
207.5 457 90%
210.0 463 91%
212.5 468 92%
215.0 474 93%
217.5 480 95%
220.0 485 96%
222.5 491 97%
230.0 507 100%

There are a couple of things I want to discuss about my workout and diet. I'll discuss the workout first.

The Workout: Deadlifts, Dumbbell Rows, High Low Rows, Upright Rows and Preacher Curls

This is the longest workout of my 10 day workout cycle. I mention this to put to rest any arguments about whether this workout is some quick get-in-and-get-out type session. Each rep of deadlifts is taken as it's own and I am really trying to hone in my technique while fatiguing my back with the extra supersets of rows.

Deadlifts: I am really happy with the outcome. I got my usual volume of 11 reps and an additional bonus rep at the very end. I am really REALLY happy to be able to maintain this kind of volume while increasing the intensity every week. To be honest, even though I have DRASTICALLY improved my work capacity I do not think it will translate to a bigger deadlift just yet. Or perhaps it will. We won't know till we know and the plan as of now is to simply work all the way up to 230 kgs. I believe this micro-loading type progression will suffice for some time but perhaps towards the end when I am catching up to 230 kgs I will have to reduce the volume. We won't know for sure till we know, ofcourse.

Dumbbell Rows: I added reps to the sets with 40 kgs and on superset 7 where I do dumbbell rows, high to low rows and upright rows, I managed to increase weight to 45 kgs and still maintain 10 reps. I am using straps for this exercise because the barbell really does a number on my delicate palms and I don't want to add to whatever handicap I have. The knurling on the Challenge Barbells is unforgiving so it is best to leave my grip fresh for the heaviest sets.

High to Low Rows and Upright Rows: Band work for this feels so good. Ever since I've done density training with upright rows and shrugs my traps have grown considerably. I managed to add reps to high low rows and upright rows in this workout.

Preacher Curls: Added reps and increased volume from last workout. I will keep bumping up the reps till I feel confident in adding more weight.


Diet is coming along nicely. I've recently begun to curtail my intake of Coke and Pepsi. I am trying to maximize the effort I spend in eating right. I used to consume Coke as my intra-workout drink on deadlift day but I have stopped that as well and swapped it out for regular whey or BCAAs. My buddy Kulin Rana gifted me with a LOT of SAN Titanium Whey Protein so I am super excited to try that out. I did share a picture on my instagram account that has 4 jugs of whey, a shaker cup and a gym bag:

Deadlifts & Row Supersets VIDEO

Deadlift and Back Supersets

DL: Deadlifts
DBR: Dumbbell Rows
H2L: High to Low Rows
UR: Upright Rows
RP: Rest-Pause

DL 207.5 x 3
DBR 40 x 12

DL 210.0 x 2
H2L #3 x 20

DL 212.5 x 2
UR #1 x 23

DL 215.0 x 2
DBR 40 x 12

DL 217.5 x 1
H2L #3 x 20

DL 220.0 x 1
UR #1 x 23

DBR 45 x 10
H2L #3 x 20
UR #1 x 23

DL 222.5 x 1

Preacher Curls:
5 x 23 RP
7.5 x 16 RP
10 x 11 RP
12.5 x 3 RP

Counting Volume

Deadlifts = 11 reps (+1 bonus)
Back = 34 + 60 + 69 = 163 reps
Biceps = 53 reps

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