Bloated Deadlifts 225 kgs @ 98% & Back Supersets w/ VIDEO (13 Aug 2015)

Posted on 14 Aug 2015 03:36


Bloated as hell and climbing to a real heavy single on deadlifts with back exercises thrown in as supersets.

I have managed to keep increasing the weight all the way up to 225 kgs | 496 lbs which is 98% of my 1RM without having to reduce the volume. I'm really happy about that. This was also one of those workouts where my back felt a little "off" but the old injury did not creep back up and I was able to handle it really well. I felt pain in my left lower back (near the injury) but it was one of those feelings where I know the muscle hasn't woken up (for lack of a better phrase). So all I had to be vigilant about is keeping my core braced and tight throughout the lift.

In the video, you guys will see a set I haven't counted as one of my main sets. My training partners and I goofed up and we loaded the bar unequally by mistake - so the weight was off by 3.75 kgs on one side. I didn't count that set but it is a testament to my core that I didn't fail the lift or get hurt. I don't like to take such chances however. Maybe Westside will write a new article on how unequally loading the bar is good for core training!

Additionally, I did some Grip Event training after this workout to strengthen my grip. I used the Fat Gripz for static holds and I did Rope Pull-ups which really destroy my fingers.

I've posted this chart below to give you an understanding of what I managed to crank out. I am happy with the progress I have made. I think the next few weeks are going to be REALLY trying because I am coming closer and closer to pulling my max.

Kilos LBS % of 1RM
207.5 457 90%
210.0 463 91%
215.0 474 93%
217.5 480 95%
220.0 485 96%
222.5 491 97%
225.0 496 98%
230.0 507 100%

Deadlifts & Row Supersets VIDEO

Deadlift and Back Supersets

DL: Deadlifts
DBR: Dumbbell Rows
H2L: High to Low Rows
UR: Upright Rows
RP: Rest-Pause
[in KGS]

DL 207.5 x 3
DBR 40 x 12

DL 210.0 x 2
H2L #3 x 20

DL 215.0 x 2
UR #1 x 23

DL 217.5 x 2
DBR 40 x 12

DL 220.0 x 1
H2L #3 x 20

DL 222.5 x 1
UR #1 x 23

DBR 45 x 12
H2L #3 x 20
UR #1 x 23

DL 225.0 x 1

Preacher Curls:
5 x 24 RP
7.5 x 16 RP
10 x 11 RP
12.5 x 3 RP

Counting Volume

Deadlifts = 11 reps (+1 bonus)
Back = 36 + 60 + 69 = 165 reps
Biceps = 54 reps

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