Struggling On Deadlifts w/ VIDEO (17 Aug 2015)

Posted on 18 Aug 2015 09:38


After a weekend away from home, with lots of eating and not much water, I decided to do some heavy struggle sets on deadlifts.

I thought this was going to be a very short journal entry but I actually have a lot I want to talk about. First, after my last heavy deadlift workout, I went away for the weekend and I spent the weekend eating a LOT of junk food and not drinking nearly enough water. I've eaten so much pizza over the weekend that I am averse to eating another slice for a whole month. I have consumed 2 20 inch pizzas over the weekend and as you can imagine: the bloat is big on this haha! So anyway, I came back today pretty dehydrated and not in the mood to actually train. Infact, I almost decided not to train but then I realized I was just being a lazy bum. So I went in to train and I had a really good workout. I think my shift from Coke to SAN Whey as an intra-workout drink has really paid off because I did not feel my energy levels drop the entire session. Either that or the pizza was still fueling me.

I used 200 kgs for the struggle sets which is 441 lbs and 87% of my max. I have managed to keep my struggle time duration approximately the same from Week 1 of this progression. I have maintained a range of 12-15 seconds for pre lockout, 10-12 seconds for knees and 5-6 seconds for shins from 185 kgs in June to 200 kgs today. Over the next few weeks I will inch closer to maximal end weights and the duration of me struggling against the bar will begin to drop.

Additionally, I have decided to start writing my grip event training. For all non-workout days I work on the Gripper Training with the Captains of Crush Grippers from IronMind. Today, for Grip Event work I did static holds with Fat Gripz on the barbell and I also did rope pull-ups. The rope pull-ups really burn the hell out of my fingers…and if the barbell deadlifts haven't taken enough of a toll on my palms the grip event work seals the deal and leaves me with swollen hands almost always!


Deadlifts & Struggle Sets

Graduated Struggle Sets:

200 kgs = 441 lbs @ 87% of 230 kgs 1RM
125 kgs = 275 lbs
Pre-Lockout: PL
Knees: K
Shins: S
seconds: s

200 @ 15s @ PL
200 @ 12s @ K
200 @ 6s @ S
200 @ 15s @ PL
200 @ 12s @ K
200 @ 6s @ S

Regular Deadlifts:

200 x 3
200 x 3
200 x 3
125 x 12 wide grip

Grip Event Work

Fat Grip Static Holds:
70 x 10s
72.5 x 10s
72.5 x 6s
72.5 x 5s
75 x 2s
Volume = 33 seconds

Rope Pull-ups:
BW x 3
BW x 3
Volume = 6 reps

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