Working up to a HEAVY single on Deadlifts 232.5 kgs w/ VIDEO (28 Aug 2015)

Posted on 28 Aug 2015 23:41


I decided to go off the playbook and do something different for my second deadlift workout of the week. I decided to warm up to really heaving single and I nailed 232.5 kgs 513 lbs.

The last deadlift workout I performed didn't sit well with me - especially since I had failed 227.5 kgs. So instead of letting my negative feelings from last workout weight down on me, I decided to alter my training plans for this workout and try something new. This is my second deadlift workout of the week (or cycle) so the goal was to do Struggle Sets but I decided to switch them out for working up to a heavy single. My relative max on most days is 230 kgs 507 lbs so I knew that the best case scenario would be to replicate that. But I exceeded it (for which I am super happy) and I got 232.5 kgs 513 lbs for a really tough and heavy grinding single at the end.

As I watch this video there are a few questions that come to mind. I am not sure I know the answers to these questions and I doubt there is just one answer as well. To begin, I have to ask myself whether the back exercises I am incorporating as super sets on my main deadlift workout - whether these super sets and the fatigue they carry are actually helping my maximal deadlift strength or hindering it. The best way to know is to use the back exercises as super sets for a time and see how far I can go. As of my last workout I have managed to work up to 98% of my 1RM. Now when I have removed these props and just trained the deadlift by itself, I find these maximal end weights to be heavy. But this is also to be expected, right? Heavy weights should feel heavy after all. But, putting aside, in terms of results: I am hitting successful lifts. So are the supersets helping? There is also another possibility and one that I have to come to terms with: this right here is my strength ceiling. I can bust my ass doing volume work in the upper echelons of my strength potential by pulling 90% and more for sets, reps, whatever - even supersets; but I just cannot break through this max. It isn't happening. And it might not happen for a while. I was hurt and in pain (still lifting heavy and still strong) for 2 whole years. Sometimes you don't come back from an injury and sometimes you need to be patient and just keep putting in the work for a loooong time before results show themselves. This is food for thought.

Lastly, I want to say that I am really pleased to be able to pull such heavy weights with my new stance and set-up. I have gotten rid of the hip bobbing and knee spreading stuff I used to do to get myself ready to lift big. And with this change I haven't had to work up from the bottom but I can handle the heavy weights through determination and discipline. This is great!




I am going to list my entire build-up to these final two sets of 222.5 kgs and 232.5 kgs. I do want to point out a couple of things. First, I have performed doubles and triples for all the sets leading up to these final two sets. Sometimes I have even done 4 and 5 rep sets - especially on the lighter sets to get the blood flowing. As always, I have relied on bar speed throughout my entire warm-up. The warm-up for this workout is no different from my regular warm-up. Second, I kept the rest intervals for all the warm-up relatively low and very controlled. I didn't dilly dally on any particular range.

20 44
55 121
75 165
87.5 193
100 220
112.5 248
125 275
137.5 303
150 331
162.5 358
175 386
187.5 413
200 441
212.5 468
222.5 x 2 491 x 2
232.5 513

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