Heavy Incline Bench Pressing and NEW Goals w/ VIDEO (6 Sept 2015)

Posted on 06 Sep 2015 22:39


I got new goals that I am going to be training for and I am hitting some solid numbers on the bench press and it's variations. Tonight I hit 95 kgs on the incline press, which is more than my bodyweight for singles and last week I benched 95 kgs for a double. Keep in mind that this is AFTER tons of volume work on grip, back, traps, triceps, etc - and 95 kgs is more than my bodyweight. I am making up for neglecting press training for the last 8+ years..

I worked up to some heavy singles on the Incline Bench Press after putting in volume on back and dips. I have also got some goals that I am going to be training towards.

Workout Video

Thoughts & New Goals

Over the last 12-18 months I have shifted goals from "pure" strength training to focusing solely on the deadlift and at the same time trying to pack on as much muscle as possible. I referred to this as "bodybuilding" in the video but don't mistake that for something even remotely competitive or mainstream. I've just wanted to become a bit more "buff". From this point (or sometime soon once I have discussed the details with Eric Troy), I will be shifting my focus to training exclusively for maximal strength on the deadlift and the bench press. I haven't focused on the bench press in my entire training life so this is the first time I am going to be attempting this in 11+ years. I do have a couple of concerns about this new goal:

1. I cannot afford to lose muscle mass in my lower back. I cannot be that skinny kid pulling 500+ pounds again. With the injuries I have sustained, I need hypertrophy to protect myself from old injuries resurfacing. So keeping or adding muscle mass to my back will be an ongoing concern.

2. I have dislocateable shoulders (no anterior head / cartilage). Therefore, when I bench press, I feel a great deal of pain in my shoulders especially at the bottom of the movement. Infact, it almost feels like my shoulders are going to be ripped off. Despite this, I have found a way to train such that I am able to Incline Bench Press more than my bodyweight (I weigh 90 kgs and I benched 95 kgs for multiple singles today) as well Flat Bench Press more than my bodyweight for reps. I believe I will need to follow a more "volume" oriented approach with the bench press - similar to what I do and have done with the deadlift as well.

I just wanted to give you an update on the changes I will be making in the future. My training is going to look a bit different and I am looking forward to this new adventure!

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