Ending Antibiotics with 225 kgs Deadlifts & Rows w/ VIDEO (27 Sep 2015)

Posted on 28 Sep 2015 12:30


I finished my final dose of antibiotics and put in a deadlift workout.

I have missed the last 5 days of training and I want to update y'all on a few topics

  • The actual Deadlift & Row superset workout
  • Illness and antibiotics
  • Knee pain
  • Epiphany on why I need to train frequently

The Actual Workout: Deadlifts & Rows Progress

I usually finish my journal entries with details about the actual workout but I decided to switch the order because I know a lot of you want to check out the videos and the numbers. So I will discuss this workout first. I went into the workout with a huge belly - bloated up because of the antibiotics. I felt very weak from the get go but I knew I just needed to focus on the task at hand. I took each rep on it's own and I built up to some heavy weights. Originally, I wanted to increase reps on the rows and maintain the deadlift from last week. I managed to do that by adding 1 rep to the dumbbell row volume. In the next workout, I aim to further increase rowing volume and keeping deadlifts constant.

I also want to mention that there were a LOT of fails in this workout. They weren't huge fails or taxing fails but I failed at 225 on 4 attempts. The bar just didn't budge off the floor. I knew in my head what I was supposed to do, I knew academically what was supposed to happen and I could visualize the movement but when it came time to pull I just gassed out. But, I did manage to overcome these mental problems haha!

Lastly, I made this workout harder on myself by switching up the last two sets. Last week I did the last heavy single on deadlifts 225 kgs first and then I finished the workout with an exclusive row superset. This week, I unknowingly switched that order. It is a good indicator of qualitative progress to me, though.

Kilos LBS % of 1RM
210.0 463 91%
215.0 474 93%
217.5 480 95%
220.0 485 96%
222.5 491 97%
225.0 496 98%
227.5 501 99%
230.0 507 100%

Workout Video

Deadlift Workout

DL: Deadlifts
DBR: Dumbbell Rows
H2L: High to Low Rows
UR: Upright Rows
RP: Rest-Pause
[in KGS]

DL 210.0 x 3
DBR 45 x 12

DL 215.0 x 2
H2L #3 x 21

DL 217.5 x 2
UR #1 x 25

DL 220.0 x 2
DBR 45 x 12

DL 222.5 x 1
H2L #3 x 21

DL 225.0 x 2
UR #1 x 25

DBR 45 x 12
H2L #3 x 21
UR #1 x 25

DL 225.0 x 1

Hammer Curls:
10.0 x 17
10.0 x 16
12.5 x 13
12.5 x 12
15.0 x 7

Counting Volume

Deadlifts = 12 reps (+1 bonus)
Back = 36 + 63 + 75 = 174 reps
Biceps = 65 reps

Illness and Antibiotics

I suffer from breathing allergies and a week ago I must have caught something because for a couple of days I was just unable to breathe and no matter how much I drew on the asthalin pump, I was unable to get any relief. I must have caught an infection and my doctor had me run a dose of 4th generation penicillin called Augmentin to weed out the infection. I felt like shit for 5 days and then after my final dose I got the OK from my doctor to workout and I put in this deadlift session. I did managed to keep my food intake high through force feeding because no matter what, losing strength was not something I wanted.

It is funny to me that a few years ago I would have just powered through this workout with the antibiotics in my system making me feel like shit. But I am older and wiser now. I don't want to take long term risks for short term benefits. My doctor explained to me that working out is ok even on antibiotics - that in and of itself is not an issue. The problem arises after the workout when the immune system is in a lull. This makes the patient (me) open to further infections.

Knee Pain

I have been complaining of experiencing pain in my right knee for a couple of months now. I figured it would go away because truth be told in strength training we do develop aches and pains and they usually go away after a while. But, this has not gone away and so I decided to do something radical last week. I performed some pistol squats on pure faith that they will sort out my problems. I was right. I did a few reps on each leg but it made a world of a difference. I will do some pistol squats this week as well.

The challenge with pistol squats is to not allow my lower back to rotate because that single small event can trigger my old lower back injuries. So while this is a great exercise to keep my knees and hips healthy, it is potential detrimental for my lower back.


I am not sure whether I have discussed this before, but I cannot take long breaks from training. I don't mean this only from an aesthetic standpoint because my body sheds muscle like a rainy cloud and it takes eons to pack on any mass to my frame. What I mean is that when I take breaks from training I end up detraining very quickly. For example, yesterday I had a horrid time with leg drive. Usually my squats make me sore but they help my legs kick in for the heavy lifting. I think this is because of the same problem I have with my shoulders. Let me backtrack: I suffer from genetically loose shoulder joints that are prone to severe and painful dislocations. This is why I stress on training back so heavily (via rows, band work, etc) to make sure the ball and socket connection stays firm. I also have excellent mobility in my hips and ankles. I also have double jointed thumbs which makes grip training a huge priority for me. Perhaps the same extends to the rest of my body. My CNS and muscles need stimulation to help with preparedness. This is something I need to think about..

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