Rebuilding my Deadlift after a Dengue like Viral Infection w/ VIDEO (15 Oct 2015)

Posted on 17 Oct 2015 10:59


This is my first big deadlift workout after recovering from a dengue-like viral infection.

I'm posting a workout update after almost 15 days. I fell miserably ill on the 30th of September. I got a Dengue-like viral infection that had me running a fever of 105 degrees for 4 days before it tapered out. I had severe nausea, diarrhea, weakness, loss of appetite, bitter aftertaste in my mouth; you know – the works. But, I am working on my strength and rebuilding my lifts. I haven't lost much muscle mass - maybe 2-4 kilos but

I feel a big deficit in my strength. Normally I am not one to bring up muscle mass and strength but due to my injuries it isn’t feasible for me to lose muscle mass because it directly affects my strength.

I cannot be that skinny kid who used to pull 500 pounds again. The weakness hasn't quite left my body. But I am able to eat food properly without wanting to throw up and I am feeling the strength return slowly.

I wouldn’t say that I am over eating or stuffing my face, but my appetite is back to where it used to be.


I put in my main deadlift workout on the 11th of this month, a few days after my doctor gave me the go ahead to return to the gym but it was a really miserable workout and I didn't get to record any of my lifts. So this is the first official big deadlift workout that went according to plan. Pre-infection I was working with 205 kgs and today I am pulling 200 kgs.

The struggle sets really take a lot out of me and I am happy with this workout. I failed pulling 215 kgs at the end a couple of times because I had too many mind games up in my head but I managed to silence the negative thoughts and anxiousness I've been feeling and I pulled 215 kgs for a single. This is really good because 4 days ago I failed 212.5 kgs on the other deadlift day so this is a marked improvement. I figure I should be back where I'd dropped off in a month or maybe two at the most. I'm just glad that today's workout went well and my work capacity and preparedness is coming back slowly and steadily.


Deadlifts & Struggle Sets

Graduated Struggle Sets:

200 kgs = 441 lbs @ 87% of 230 kgs 1RM
215 kgs = 474 lbs @ 93%
Pre-Lockout: PL
Knees: K
Shins: S
seconds: s

200 @ 15s @ PL
200 @ 12s @ K
200 @ 5s @ S
200 @ 15s @ PL
200 @ 12s @ K
200 @ 5s @ S

Regular Deadlifts:

200 x 2
215 x 1

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