Working up to 1RM 100 kgs on the Bench Press using the Honeymoon Period Method by Eric Troy w/ VIDEO (16 Oct 2015)

Posted on 17 Oct 2015 21:56


I put in a solid Bench Press session climbing back to my 1RM of 100 kgs using Eric Troy's Honeymoon Period.

I was apprehensive about this workout and anxious that my strength had drastically reduced. Plus, I was training alone and that's always a worry when benching because the bar can get stuck and then I'll need to rely on the safety bars to save me.

Thankfully, I was strong this workout and I managed to hit my 1RM just fine.

I am still working on my bench technique. It will come along in time.

I am getting the hang of leg drive and staying tight throughout. This is a good challenging goal for me with my genetically loose shoulder joints factored in. I am excited haha!

For those of you who are interested, click here for Eric Troy’s Honeymoon Period and I have also dropped a link in the description to the video. To put it simply it is working with 1-3 reps or even more if you like using tiny increments. The idea is to get in a LOT of volume without building too much fatigue. I will keep using this progression method till it wears out. After that I will switch to something a bit more aggressive and hopefully by that time I will be much stronger than I am today.


After all the bench work I moved on to back training. I supersetted Deloaded Barbell Rows with High to Low Band Rows. I focused on really squeezing the back and holding it for a pause on each and every rep of the band rows. After this superset combo I did another superset of heavy Dumbbell Rows with 60 kgs and Deloaded Barbell Rows. My back was super pumped after this. At the end I finished the workout with 3 sets of 20 reps on Band Upright Rows with the #1 bands. All my bands and wraps and straps are from Alan Thomas's site APT Pro Wrist Straps


Workout Details

Bench Press using Eric Troy's Honeymoon Period:
65.0 kgs | 143 lbs x 3 + 3
65.0 kgs | 143 lbs x 2
67.5 kgs | 149 lbs x 1
70.0 kgs | 154 lbs x 2 + 1
72.5 kgs | 160 lbs x 1 + 1
75.0 kgs | 165 lbs x 3
77.5 kgs | 171 lbs x 1
80.0 kgs | 176 lbs x 2
82.5 kgs | 182 lbs x 1
85.0 kgs | 187 lbs x 3
87.5 kgs | 193 lbs x 1
90.0 kgs | 198 lbs x 2
90.0 kgs | 198 lbs x 1
92.5 kgs | 204 lbs x 1
95.0 kgs | 209 lbs x 2
97.5 kgs | 215 lbs x 1
100.0 kgs | 220 lbs x 1

Deloaded Barbell Rows:
65 kgs | 143 lbs x 6 x 4
High to Low Band Rows:
#2 x 8 x 4 with static holds at the end of each rep

Dumbbell Rows:
60 kgs | 132 lbs x 5 x 3
Deloaded Barbell Rows:
65 kgs | 143 lbs x 6 x 3

Upright Rows:
#1 x 20 x 3

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