Dussehra Deadlifts 215 kgs x 2 w/ VIDEO (22 Oct 2015)

Posted on 27 Oct 2015 11:22


Tonight's Deadlift workout falls on the Hindu festival of Dussehra which is basically good conquering over evil.

I have quite a few things I want to discuss about this workout. This is the main big deadlift workout of the week for me. Last time I made an error in judgment and I started off with a weight that was too heavy for me. Today I was conservative and began deadlifts at 202.5 kgs which is very reasonable. I managed to work all the way up to 215 kgs for a double – and keep in mind that just a few days ago I struggled to get one rep on this. So needless to say, my strength is coming back to me slowly and steadily.
The first few sets of this workout felt very good and easy. To me it felt like 202.5 and 205 just flew off the floor. But then I began to struggle around the 210 and 212.5 kilo mark. I was beginning to get really nervous and anxious about my lifts but I didn’t let my mind wander down the rabbit hole. You’re probably wondering what that is. Sometimes when you’re mentally focusing and getting ready for a big heavy lift you may make the mistake of expecting failure. That’s detrimental to the success of your lift and you do not ever want to even set foot down this path. And to be honest, in my nervousness sometimes this happens to me. But it didn’t happen today and I was able to figure out that I was using a wider stance than normal. So I brought both my feet in and 215 kgs felt really smooth and confident. I’m very happy with this lift.


A lot of people resort to rage and anger to get things moving. I can’t do that. I’m not saying some people are staring at the weights and stalking them like hunters while I’m chilling smoking a blunt and staring at rainbows in the sky – nah. What gets the bar moving for me is sheer aggression and determination. I can’t do anger or call on all my negative memories to help psych me up – this works for some people and you NEED to be psyched up to lift big, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I can’t do that – maybe I don’t have enough negatives to focus on, but for me, if I start thinking of these kinds of thoughts it diffuses my focus and my determination. So I just try to concentrate on the task at hand and not allow the voices in my head to offset me too much haha!

I am still counting my Relative Max on Deadlifts to be 230 kgs. I know I am not at that mark yet and it defies the very concept of a relative max, but I am recovering from the viral infection and getting back to the groove so I know in due time I will be back at 230. The chart below is to help gauge the weights I am using a percentage of my relative max:

Kilos LBS % of 1RM
200.0 441 87%
202.5 446 88%
205.0 452 89%
207.5 457 90%
210.0 463 91%
215.0 474 93%
217.5 480 95%
220.0 485 96%
222.5 491 97%
225.0 496 98%
227.5 501 99%
230.0 507 100%


Deadlift Workout

DL: Deadlifts
BBR: Deloaded Barbell Rows
DBR: Dumbbell Rows
H2L: High to Low Rows
RP: Rest-Pause
[in KGS]

DL 202.5 x 3
BBR 65 x 6

DL 205.0 x 3
DBR 45 x 10

DL 207.5 x 3
H2L #3 x 20

DL 210.0 x 2
BBR 65 x 6

DL 212.5 x 2
DBR 45 x 10

DL 2015 x 2
H2L #3 x 20

BBR 65 x 6
DBR 45 x 10
H2L #3 x 20

Hammer Curls RP:
10.0 x 17
10.0 x 16
12.5 x 13
12.5 x 12
15.0 x 7

Counting Volume

Deadlifts = 15 reps (+0 bonus)
Back = 18 + 30 + 60 = 118 reps
Biceps = 65 reps

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