Bronchospasms, Heavy Deadlifts, Rows & Front Squats feat Dr Kanishk Jain w/ VIDEO (12 Nov 2015)

Posted on 13 Nov 2015 23:10


Last weekend I had a really bad asthma attack and this is my first training session since I got the green light from my physician. I have also recorded Kanishk’s deadlifts from last Saturday.

I don’t want to waste time discussing this workout in detail too much. You guys who have been following my channel already know how these deadlift workouts are structured but for those of you who do not know what I am doing I’ll make it real simple. I am supersetting deadlifts and 3 row variations.

Here is what I want to discuss. I had a bad allergic reaction to dust and smoke in the air on Friday night. I didn’t realize how bad things were and I prolonged going to the doctor which was really terrible on my part. I was having an asthma attack for 15 hours before treatment was administered to me. Needless to say, by that stage a simple dose of asthalin on the nebulizer failed miserably. Later on Saturday night I had another attack and my blood pressure went to 190 / 80 and my oxygen levels dropped to the low 80s. I wasn’t unconscious or anything. I was in severe discomfort; I was sweating profusely and gasping for air like a fish out of water. But I was walking and doing things on my own – I even tied my shoe laces. I owe my life to my brother Kanishk for being there and injecting me with budecort which is a steroid. It has a funny pronunciation: “booty-cort” but this is the steroid that I am now taking with the nebulizer.

Anyway after Kanishk saved my life because I refused to get admitted in the hospital, my recovery rapidly increased and I got the green light from my family physician to start lifting some heavy weights. This workout – today’s workout, is on Thursday night. So that’s 5 days after the attack. I haven’t trained in the interim. I’ve just been eating and resting. I am still on antibiotics and other medication but that is to clear out the pent up secretions from the lungs and kill whatever infection has grown in there. The dose should be done in a couple of days.

In the past I’ve given doctors a lot of negative lip – because to be honest most doctors in this country have their heads up their asses. But, I have to give credit where credit is due and my physician Dr. Smita Brahmabhatt is one badass doctor who is on the ball at the age of 65. She’s got tremendous clinical experience and in all these years she’s never ONCE dissuaded me from lifting and pursuing my passion. And I know some of you living in the West will find me mentioning this as odd but a lot of doctors in India blame weight training for the silliest of health problems. Well, Dr. Smita understands how people like us (strength training enthusiasts) function and she knows how to tweak her medication to get us back on our feet in no time with minimal onset of weakness. I didn’t know when to train, for example: she TOLD me to go lift some heavy iron today with an instruction sheet full of caveats if things were to go south and my lungs collapsed (which they did not – and she was super confident that they would not).

So I am very grateful to have Dr. Smita and my brother Dr. Kanishk in my corner.


With that being said, the low – down of today’s workout is that I hit some heavy weights and I am super happy. Kanishk’s deadlifts from Saturday night were also really good and he knocked the ball out of the park with that 175 kgs pull. His MD program is killing him but he’s in his second year with just a year left so things are looking up as far as finding time to train goes.

The chart below is to help gauge the weights I am using a percentage of my relative max:

Kilos LBS % of 1RM
200.0 441 87%
202.5 446 88%
205.0 452 89%
207.5 457 90%
210.0 463 91%
215.0 474 93%
217.5 480 95%
220.0 485 96%
222.5 491 97%
225.0 496 98%
227.5 501 99%
230.0 507 100%


Deadlift Workout

DL: Deadlifts
BBR: Deloaded Barbell Rows
DBR: Dumbbell Rows
H2L: High to Low Rows
RP: Rest-Pause
[in KGS]

DL 205.0 x 3
BBR 65 x 6

DL 205.0 x 3
DBR 45 x 10

DL 207.5 x 3
H2L #3 x 20

DL 210.0 x 2
BBR 65 x 6

DL 212.5 x 2
DBR 45 x 10

DL 215.0 x 2
H2L #3 x 20

BBR 65 x 6
DBR 45 x 10
H2L #3 x 20

Front Squats:
105 kgs x 2 x 2

Counting Volume

Deadlifts = 15 reps (+0 bonus)
Back = 18 + 30 + 60 = 118 reps
Squats = 4 reps

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