Band Work for Deadlifts, Front Squats, Weighted Pullups & Dips w/ VIDEO (9 Dec 2015)

Posted on 09 Dec 2015 21:48


I did some band resisted deadlifts, then regular deadlifts and lastly front squats on Monday night. Tuesday was a relatively easier workout – which is something I desperately needed and I did some weighted pull-ups and dips.

For the band resisted deadlifts, I am using APT Pro Wrist Strap’s #1 bands which are double looped thereby providing four times the tension. I haven’t changed any of the weights from last week but I have managed to add 2 reps in total to the volume. I added a rep to the first set with 150 kgs which I did for 4 reps this workout and then I also added a rep to my top set with 175 kgs which I turned into a double from last week’s single. I failed 185 kgs really bad but I know that in a few weeks I can nail it. I just need to grind it out. If you notice the struggle you will see that the first attempt has the bar failing just an inch or two off the floor. But the second attempt is much higher – this is a sign to me that I need to relentlessly pull against the bar and keep attempting rep after rep till my body is able to produce that force I need to lockout.

I can’t recall if I have mentioned this before, but I usually do all my heavy sets on deadlifts with an augmented grip – left under right over. But on this second deadlift workout, I always switch this grip because I want to minimize strength imbalance. Now, I also have dislocated and dislocatable and genetically loose shoulder joints – so my shoulders are not exactly in line with each other. It’s not a visible flaw but you can see it manifest itself on deadlifts on this day especially because the barbell will always rotate a bit as I lift it. Scroll through all my second deadlift workouts and you will see this glaring flaw come into the limelight. Now one of the things I focused on today was activating my lats. It is such a small cog in the large machinery of a deadlift but I think it makes a world of a difference because it adds a layer of stability and control on the barbell. I think intent is everything – not all our max weights will look pretty but we always have the intent to make them picture perfect. And it is because of this intent that we are shielded from injuries and performance inconsistencies.


The front squats after deadlifts were reasonably challenging. I see all these bullshit motivational posts online about leg day and how training legs is important blah blah nonsense. Do what you want and what makes you happy. Sure, you might look funny but don’t let some internet wannabe guru dictate what you do in the gym. With that being said, since I do squats each and every workout; every day is a leg day for me!

Tuesday was dedicated to weighted pull-ups and dips. I am really glad this wasn’t too exhausting and yet challenging enough. I began the workout with some grip event work with fat grip static holds. I did weighted pull-ups and then weighted dips. I did some light front squats with 75 kgs just to keep the body moving plus I did mobility drills right at the end of my workout. I also did some dumbbell rows with 20 kgs for 20 reps.


Deadlift Workout

150 331
155 342
160 353
167.5 369
175 386
185 407
205 452
215 474
222.5 491
115 254
75 165

Band Resisted Deadlifts:
#1 Bands from APT Double Looped with Quad Tension
150 x 4
155 x 2
160 x 2
167.5 x 3
175 x 2
185 x struggle
Volume = 13 reps
This is 2 more reps than last week.

Regular Deadlifts:
205 x 3
215 x 2
222.5 x 1
185 x 6

Anderson Front Squats:
115 x 1
115 x 2
75 x 5 back-off

Weighted Pull-ups & Dips Workout

20 44
25 55
75 165

Weighted Pull-ups:
+20 x 3
+20 x 3
+25 x 2
+20 x 3
BW x 7
Volume = 11 + 7 = 18 reps

Weighted Dips:
+20 x 4
+20 x 4
+20 x 4
+20 x 3
BW x 15
Volume = 15 + 15 = 30 reps

Front Squats:
75 x 5
75 x 5
I went light and easy on this..

DB Rows:
20 x 20
20 x 20

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