Band Resisted Deadlifts, Deadlifts 225 kgs x 2 x 2, Squats, Pull-ups & Dips w/ VIDEO (18 Dec 2015)

Posted on 19 Dec 2015 14:18


Covering some heavy band work for deadlifts, then some actual heavy deadlifts up to 225 kilos for sets and reps, squats, weighted pull-ups and weighted dips.

There are multitudes of ways you can squeeze in progress into your workouts. You can progress by adding reps or adding sets or adding weight or reps and sets or sets and weight or reps and weight or all three; reps, sets and weight. There are a lot of ways for you to do a little bit more today than what you did in your last workout session. But at the same time, you don’t need to actively progress on each and every exercise in your routine. For a lot of exercises you just need to rinse and repeat the same volume and weight set-up for many months before making some changes. For example, let’s say you have shrugs in your routine and you decide to peg them down for 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps. Now you’re not going to aggressively progress on them week in and week out. Sometimes you’ll go by feel and most of the time you will maintain a benchmark on them for a while before bumping up the weight or reps or sets significantly.

Well sometimes I find it necessary to limit progress on maximal weights for the big exercises as well. You will notice that there are workouts that are just repeats of the previous week’s workout – no actual progress other than maybe qualitative progress and this is normal once you get to the big weights – when I say that I mean whatever is heavy for you. This is my genetic max – my ceiling. Yours might be at a bigger weight or a smaller weight – the point is once you’re lifting your limit weights on a regular basis, you can’t just charge into the proverbial wall hoping it topples over. And holding on to the same workout for a week or maybe two has some good benefits in terms of adjusting to loads, confidence and preparedness.


Today’s workout for deadlifts was a big jump on the intensity and volume fronts. I added reps to the band resisted deadlifts and took the overall volume from 13 reps to 15. I am going to hold this for a week before I make adjustments with the weights. I do want to spend more time making the struggle set with 185 better because I know that I can do this if I give it my all. The issue is that to generate so much force to counter the tension of the bands is difficult because the rep becomes more and more difficult as I get closer to completing the deadlift. As for regular deadlifts I pushed the envelope yet again and cranked out 2 doubles with 225 kilos which is 496 lbs. After this, I did some back squats with a conservative load of 303 lbs for 2 and 3 reps.

The next day, Friday, I did weighted dips and weighted pull-ups. Learning from my mistake last week, I put the dips before pull-ups and I managed to progress on dips by adding reps. Once I am able to do get 10 reps with 20 kilos added to me I am going to bump up the weight to 30 kilos or more. The squats I did on this day were really good and I worked up to 147.5 kilos for a double.

Thanks a lot for watching my video and for your love and support. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Deadlift Workout

Band Resisted Deadlifts:
#1 Bands from APT Double Looped with Quad Tension
150 kgs | 331 lbs x 4
155 kgs | 342 lbs x 3
160 kgs | 353 lbs x 2
167.5 kgs | 369 lbs x 3
175 kgs | 386 lbs x 3
185 kgs | 407 lbs x struggle
Volume = 15 reps
This is 2 more reps than last week.

Regular Deadlifts:
215 kgs | 474 lbs x 1
225 kgs | 496 lbs x 2
225 kgs | 496 lbs x 2
185 kgs | 407 lbs x 6

Back Squats:
137,5 kgs | 303 lbs x 2
137,5 kgs | 303 lbs x 3

Weighted Pull-ups & Dips Workout

Weighted Dips:
+20 kgs x 4 x 4
BW x 16
Volume = 16 + 16 = 32 reps

Weighted Pull-ups:
+20 kgs | 44 lbs x 3 x 2
+25 kgs | 55 lbs x 2
+20 kgs | 44 lbs x 3
BW x 7
Volume = 11 + 7 = 18 reps

137,5 kgs | 303 lbs x 3
147,5 kgs | 325 lbs x 2

DB Rows:
30 kgs | 66 lbs x 10
30 kgs | 66 lbs x 10

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