Bench Press, Deadlifts, Anderson Front Squats & Overhead Press w/ VIDEO (6 Feb 2016)

Posted on 07 Feb 2016 14:09


This week’s workout sessions featuring bench press day using SDT progression, heavy deadlifts supersetted with rows, lots of Anderson front squats and an extra workout of overhead presses and pull-ups.

This week began with bench press day one using Eric Troy’s SDT Progression on which I managed to progress by adding reps. I bumped the volume from 30 reps to 32 but the best news about this workout is I have found a way to grip the barbell without having the bar roll towards the base of my fingers. I have complained about this in the recent videos because my wrist keeps rolling over but I figured out how to cross grip the bar in the crook of my thumb and palm and the rest of the palm itself and maintain a firm grip. I paused at the bottom of many reps, some at the ends of 85 kgs for reps – those sets as well as the heavier sets with 90, 92,5 and 95 kgs. I am so happy with this mini-breakthrough that I am really hoping to remember this qualitative progress because it is so easy to lose grip on such tiny nuances.


Usually I follow bench work with JM presses but I switched it up this week because I feel that I have exhausted JM Presses for now. So instead of JM presses I squeezed in some unilateral overhead presses instead and they felt great on my shoulders. Lastly, I did some Anderson front squats and they were very challenging. I raised the platform by a small board so I was struggling for extra depth – and I hadn’t done this last time so after 4 sets with 125 kgs I removed this platform and reverted back to the old depth and nailed 130 kgs. I am sitting here recording this audio commentary after 3 workouts with Anderson front squats and let me tell you that they are kicking my butt this cycle!

Moving on, the next workout was deadlift day one which is all about supersetting deadifts and row variations. I progressed a lot in this workout because I added a rep to deadlifts plus I added reps to all the row variations as well. Usually I don’t do this but I decided to risk it just to see how I am placed. Next week I will progress only via adding reps to the deadlifts. I think I can go up to 6 triples on deadlifts with 215 kilos before I need to back off and reduce the volume and bump up the intensity. I think squatting every day is really helping me stay stable though – especially with my loose hip joints and such. When I engage in the pull and break the weight off the floor I can hear that crickity-clack air popping in my hips – the same sound you hear when you crack your knuckles. This is not in my control of course, but I can hear the sound and feel my bones shift around. This may sound freaky to some of you but it isn’t that painful. All I am saying is, breaking the weight off the floor feels very good to me right now and I am able to generate a lot of force with relative ease compared to before when I was not training squats on the day-lee.

If this workout wasn’t challenging enough on its own merits, I was, and still am, suffering from an upset stomach and those of you who have been in this spot know how risky lower body workouts can get. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that I had to cut the Anderson front squat portion of my workout short because I kept failing the squat at the bottom. In fact, because of me having to cut this workout short, I was so annoyed and I wanted to crack this movement and get the technique right that I put in an extra workout the day after deadlifts. This extra workout was very low volume and it began with Anderson front squats. Still reeling from an upset tummy, I put in 3 singles on Andersons with 125 kilos and 2 with 130 kilos which is my max at the moment. I am happy with this performance and I left enough on the platform to use for my next workout which is tomorrow – bench day 2. After Anderson front squats I did unilateral overhead presses with 30 kilos for 2 doubles and I supersetted these with bodyweight pull-ups for 5 rep sets.

Using a relative max of 232.5 kgs, this table will help figure out what percentage of my max I am using for the deadlift:

Kilos LBS % of 1RM
200.0 441 86%
202.5 446 87%
205.0 452 88%
207.5 457 89%
210.0 463 90%
215.0 474 92%
217.5 480 93%
220.0 485 95%
222.5 491 96%
225.0 496 97%
227.5 501 98%
230.0 507 99%
232.5 513 100%


Bench Press Day 1

Grip Event:
Fat Gripz Volume
Rope Pull-ups

Bench Press:
SDT Progression
SP = R
85 kgs | 187 lbs x 9 reps
85 kgs | 187 lbs x 9 reps
85 kgs | 187 lbs x 8 reps
90 kgs | 198 lbs x 3 reps Paused All
92,5 kgs | 204 lbs x 2 reps Paused All
95 kgs | 209 lbs x 1 rep Paused All
Volume = 32 reps

Speed Bench Press Against #1 Bands:
67,5 kgs | 149 lbs x 3 reps x 8 sets @ 66% of 1RM 102,5 kgs

Unilateral Overhead Press:
20 kgs | 44 lbs x 8 reps x 3 sets

Anderson Front Squats:
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 1 rep x 4 sets
130 kgs | 286 lbs x 1 rep

Deadlift Day 1

215 kgs | 474 lbs x 3 reps x 2 sets
215 kgs | 474 lbs x 2 reps x 4 sets
185 kgs | 407 lbs x 6 reps
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 8 reps
100 kgs | 220 lbs x 10 reps

Rows Supersetted with Deadlifts for 3 sets each:
Regular Barbell Rows 65 kgs | 143 lbs x 9 reps
Dumbbell Rows 30 kgs | 66 lbs x 13 reps
Low to High Rows #2 Bands x 22 reps

Anderson Front Squats:
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 1 rep

Extra Workout

Anderson Front Squats:
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 1 rep
130 kgs | 286 lbs x 1 rep
130 kgs | 286 lbs x 1 rep

Unilateral Overhead Press:
30 kgs | 66 lbs x 2 reps x 2 sets

BW x 5 reps x 2 sets

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