Maximal Strength using Bands for Bench Press & Deadlifts with plenty of Anderson Front Squats w/ VIDEO (11 Feb 2016)

Posted on 13 Feb 2016 12:52


Band Resisted Bench Press, heavy Bench Press, Anderson Front Squats, Weighted Dips, Weighted Pull-ups, Band Resisted Deadlifts and heavy Deadlifts.

This training entry is going to cover workouts spanning this whole week. If you want to skip through the various workouts you can check 8 seconds into this video for Bench Press Day 2, 3:37 for Extra Workout 1, 4:04 for Extra Workout 2 and 5:55 for Deadlift Day 2.

Before I begin with the nitty gritties of each workout I want to say that I have been doing Anderson front squats every workout this week. In the beginning this exercise was a real thorn in my butt and I just wasn’t able to crack it. I lacked the confidence to nail it for more than singles and it was driving me crazy. But just as perfect practice makes perfect performance, all the high frequency squatting paid off and towards the end you will see me doing sets across the board which are all doubles. I am very happy with this outcome.

Okay, let’s begin with the first workout. Bench Press Day 2 was very challenging and I progressed on the band resisted bench work by adding a rep to the set with 80 kilos. I am trying to get as much volume as possible in as conservative a manner as I can handle before I need to do an informal “reset” and increase the intensity and correspondingly drop the volume. I mentioned in my last video how I think I have found a way to tweak my bench press to make it possible for me to handle heavier loads. I said that my grip originally was off and the bar kept rolling down my palm towards the base of my fingers that ended up throwing me off. Well, I was worried earlier about forgetting this little nugget come next bench workout but that did not happen! I remembered how I managed to cross grip the bar and hold it firmly in my hand and I repeated this practice. It is because of this that I was able to put in so much quality volume at such high intensities.


If anyone had told me that I’d be benching 100 kilos for 5 reps I would never have believed that. This has been a long time dream come true for me. I think it’s funny how my max bench has been 102,5 kilos but I can crank out 100 for reps and sets across. I will probably need to experiment and find my new max in the next few weeks. I want to mention that for most of the band work sets I was able to pause the press at the bottom on the last reps. I think this is very important for me to build that stability and work capacity.

This reminds me of my shoulders. I want to preface what I have to say next with letting y’all know that I am not a certified medical practitioner and what I am about to say next is purely anecdotal and I am hoping it helps some of you who are in my shoes. I suffer from genetically loose shoulder joints – well most joints like thumbs, hips, etc. But shoulders are the worst and I have had many many painful dislocations on both shoulders. All this benching and pressing has been irritating my shoulders. I’m feeling them pop a little like the sound you make when you crack your knuckles and it’s disturbing. Now that I look at my training for this week I realize I am doing more pushing than pulling and that has to be fixed. Also, I need to do some overhead pressing to keep the shoulder girdle stable. I can’t allow lactic acid to build because when it subsides and the pump goes away my shoulder becomes very unstable. So I need to make a mental note to up the pulling work and to do some bicep training regularly because that also helps.

The second workout was an extra workout. I just told said that bicep work is important so I got some bicep work done. You won’t see any videos of arm work because I think arm work is really boring – necessary yes but boring too. If you notice the pattern of Anderson front squats you will see that my volume is really building all through the week. Initially all I can do is singles. Then I get some solid doubles and that is good progress.

Usually I do my grip event work staggered over all the workouts of the week but this week I messed up and I ended up doing two grip event sessions on the workout after deadlifts. I have realized that I cannot do a propr workout on the day after deadlifts. Both my deadlift days are really brutal for me and I need the next workout to be easy going so this week after deadlifs I did a combined grip event session. I am making this commentary right after this workout and I will do a short anderson front squat session tomorrow but those clips will be in next week’s video update.

The second extra workout was really short. I just wanted to do something to keep my body moving to prepare me for deadlifts the next day. My plan fell apart because I didn’t do deadlifts the next day however this short workout was very effective. I managed to get those doubles on Anderson front squats and I also got some rep records on weighted dips and pull-ups. I love these exercises.

I had a planned hostile and aggressive business meeting with a customer of mine the next day and so I couldn’t focus the night before on deadlifts. I was worried about work and I felt I hadn’t planned enough so I had to skip deadlifts and postpone it to after this meeting. In hindsight this didn’t make much of a difference because I was already well prepared and the negotiation went reasonably and surprisingly well and the workout after that was just as challenging if not more than it would have been on any other day.

So going into deadlifts against bands I hadn’t had the training effect – the benefit of having done some work the night before. I was a little unstable off the floor initially but I worked through the movement during my warm-ups and boom I nailed 185 kilos for a triple. I said I’d either do that this week or I’d do another set. So now what I will do next week is I will add on another set of 185 and remove the set with 160 for a double that I have right now. The overall volume will drop by a rep but the intensity will bump up by a lot. And I can build on this. There is scope to turn this triple into two triples.

Regular deadlifts after band work with 225 kilos was very challenging. There is a lot that I could complain about but I really had to dig deep and grind through all those reps. I don’t mind that because I know that even in less favorable training conditions I am still owning 225 kilos so that is a huge positive to take away from this. I just wish I didn’t have an upset stomach because that really sapped the confidence out of me. The rep work I am putting in on deadlifts with 185 kilos is really helping me keep my core tight throughout. I have been trying to do these with dead stops between reps but no breathing in between reps either. So I am basically doing 6 reps in one breath. I may take air in but nothing is getting out.

I did a double on Anderson Front Squats after all this work and I was so pleased with that! I realized that the pulling to pushing movement volume ratio is off so I got some rep work done for back. I picked barbell rows, pull-ups and high to low band rows and did an overall volume of 50 reps which is a good start to keeping my shoulders healthy and happy.


Bench Press Day 2

#1 Band Resisted Bench Press:
75 kgs | 165 lbs x 4 reps
80 kgs | 176 lbs x 4 reps Paused Last
85 kgs | 187 lbs x 4 reps PL
90 kgs | 198 lbs x 3 reps PL
95 kgs | 209 lbs x 2 reps PL

Bench Press:
100 kgs | 220 lbs x 5 reps
100 kgs | 220 lbs x 3 reps PL
100 kgs | 220 lbs x 3 reps PL
75 kgs | 165 lbs x 11 + 5 + 5 = 21 reps

JM Press:
35 kgs | 77 lbs x 12 reps x 3 sets

Seated Dumbbell Bicep Curls:
10 kgs | 22 lbs x 9 reps x 3 sets

Anderson Front Squats:
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 1 rep x 5 sets

Band Facepulls:
#1 x 15 reps x 2 sets

Grip Event:
Rolling Thunder Intensity
Rope Pull-ups

Extra Workout 1

Anderson Front Squats: 125 kgs | 275 lbs x 1 rep x 3 sets

Barbell Curls: 35 kgs | 77 lbs x 9 reps x 5 sets
Tricep Pressdowns: #1 Bands x 20 reps x 5 sets

Grip Event:
Fat Gripz Volume
Rope Pull-ups

Extra Workout 2

Weighted Dips: +25 kgs | +55 lbs x 5 reps

Weighted Pull-ups: +25 kgs | +55 lbs x 3 reps

Dips: BW x 20 reps

Pull-ups: BW x 8 reps

Anderson Front Squats:
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 2 reps x 2 sets

Deadlift Day 2

Band Resisted Deadlifts using #1 Bands Double Looped:
150 kgs | 331 lbs x 4 reps
155 kgs | 342 lbs x 3 reps
160 kgs | 353 lbs x 2 reps
167.5 kgs | 369 lbs x 3 reps
175 kgs | 386 lbs x 3 reps
185 kgs | 407 lbs x 0 reps, 3 reps

225 kgs | 496 lbs x 3 reps
225 kgs | 496 lbs x 2 reps
220 kgs | 485 lbs x 1 rep
185 kgs | 407 lbs x 6 reps
100 kgs | 220 lbs x 8 reps

Anderson Front Squats:
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 1 rep
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 2 reps

Back Supersets for 2 sets each:
Barbell Rows: 75 kgs | 165 lbs x 10 reps
Pull-ups: BW x 5 reps
High to Low Band Rows: #2 x 10 reps

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