Building Volume on Bench Press & Deadlifts feat. Anderson Back Squats & Back Training w/ VIDEO (18 Feb 2016)

Posted on 19 Feb 2016 15:00


Bench Press single double triple progression, volume work on deadlifts using supersets, plenty of heavy Anderson back squats and extra workouts involving back training through pull-ups and row variations.

For those of you who don’t want to watch the full video here is an overall breakdown of where each workout falls on the timeline of the video:
Bench Press Day 1 @ 0:12
Extra Workout 1 @ 4:02
Extra Workout 2 @ 4:25
Deadlift Day 1 @ 5:22

With that out of the way, let’s talk about my training for this week. The first workout of the week was bench press day one which is a volume day. I progressed using Eric Troy’s Single Double Triple Progression method by adding reps and I have been focusing on building reps for a while now. I think next week I will add reps to the heavier sets. I am really happy that I was able to pause so many of the reps – building that kind of ease with lifting at these weights is important to me. I need to learn to control the weights better because I think soon I will be pressing in the low 100s for reps and I don’t want to get intimidated or pinned under the bar. I want to draw your attention to the overall volume of bench press and speed bench press which is really high at 58 reps and the band tension on the speed bench really kicked my butt so don’t think those 24 reps are measly in any way.


I mentioned in my last video that my pulling to pressing ratio has become skewed with a heck of a lot more work being done pressing. For normal people this wouldn’t be an issue but with my particular limitations because of past injuries I have to be more careful in how I attack the bench press. So this week, to correct the ratio, I am doing a lot more pulling and this workout I did heavier than normal barbell rows supersetted with high to low band rows.

Another exercise that got added in this week as usual is the Anderson back squat. I am using this app called FitNotes to log in my training on my phone even though I keep a journal because it is really easy to flip through past workouts filtering just that exercise. So anyway, I looked back at what I did last time this exercise came up on my squat rotation and I did manage to lift 175 kilos for a single. But now, recording this video one week into training, I don’t see that happening. However, I have still managed to progress by doing more work with 165 kilos. So I am hoping if not this rotation then the next one in 4 weeks will have me lifting 175 kilos. I am really happy to be lifting such heavy weights on Andersons as is so I got no complaints. I feel that building my work capacity with 165 kilos will pay off later.

The first extra workout was really concise. I did some Anderson squats and then some heavy dumbbell rows. I don’t want you guys to get the wrong impression: I know most powerlifters have made dumbbell rows into some big exercise where pushing super heavy weight is the key. I don’t want to perpetuate these theories. I like dumbbell rows and normally I do not go heavy on them at all. This workout was an exception and I haven’t lifted 70 kilos in forever. I wanted to switch gears so going heavy for this workout made sense. I won’t make a habit of this – and it’s not for safety reasons. The reason is that packing on muscle for my back is just more effective doing medium to high reps. I need high frequency and medium volume – sometimes even crazy high volume. But with super low reps comes messed up form (and I won’t lie to y’all don’t even expect such crazy weights to bring out the best form in me haha) and it’s not worth it. Too bad I didn’t get these sets on video.

The second extra workout was similar in theme to the first one: back and legs. I went heavy on Anderson back squats, naturally and high volume on the back work using pull-ups and high low band rows.

The last workout is deadlift day one. I am going to try to explain this workout as simply as possible. I superset back and three row variations. I have chosen barbell rows, dumbbell rows and low to high band rows as my row variations. I do 3 sets of each and the way this goes down is I will do a set of deadlifts then immediately superset it with the first row variation. Once 3 sets of that row variation is completed, I move on to the next row variation and so on and so forth.

Today’s deadlift workout was really good. I was lethargic going into the session but it shaped up well and 215 kilos felt good. I added a rep to deadlifts and maintained volume on the rows. Next week I will either do a deload workout and build up to 232,5 kilos for a double or I will continue with this progression building on either rows or deadlifts. I want to get to 6 triples with 215 before I cut the volume. I do want to mention that at some point I will have to crank up the intensity really high and maybe I will take 225 kilos for 6 singles on the supersets. There are a lot of options and ways for me to play around on deadlifts so the world is my oyster and right now I have chosen a specific goal of building on 215 kilos slowly and steadily.

Using a relative max of 232.5 kgs, this table will help figure out what percentage of my max I am using for the deadlift:

Kilos LBS % of 1RM
200.0 441 86%
202.5 446 87%
205.0 452 88%
207.5 457 89%
210.0 463 90%
215.0 474 92%
217.5 480 93%
220.0 485 95%
222.5 491 96%
225.0 496 97%
227.5 501 98%
230.0 507 99%
232.5 513 100%


Bench Press Day 1

Bench Press:
SDT Progression
SP = R
85 kgs | 187 lbs x 10 reps, 9 reps, 9 reps Paused Last on all sets
90 kgs | 198 lbs x 3 reps Paused All
92,5 kgs | 204 lbs x 2 reps Paused All
95 kgs | 209 lbs x 1 rep Paused All
V = 34 reps

Speed Bench Press Against #1 Bands:
67,5 kgs | 149 lbs x 3 reps x 8 sets @ 66%

Barbell Rows: 85 kgs | 187 lbs x 8 reps x 2 sets
High to Low Band Rows: #2 x 15 reps x 2 sets

Anderson Back Squats:
145 kgs | 320 lbs x 3 reps
155 kgs | 342 lbs x 2 reps
165 kgs | 364 lbs x 1 rep
165 kgs | 364 lbs x 1 rep
145 kgs | 320 lbs x 3 reps
V = 10 reps

Extra Workout 1

Anderson Back Squats:
145 kgs | 320 lbs x 3 reps
155 kgs | 342 lbs x 2 reps
165 kgs | 364 lbs x 2 reps

Dumbbell Rows:
70 kgs | 154 lbs x 3 reps
70 kgs | 154 lbs x 4 reps
20 kgs | 44 lbs x 15 reps

Extra Workout 2

Anderson Back Squats:
145 kgs | 320 lbs x 1 rep
165 kgs | 364 lbs x 1 rep

Pull-ups: BW X 8 reps x 2 sets
High to Low Band Rows: #2 x 12 reps x 2 sets

Deadlift Day 1

215 kgs | 474 lbs x 3 reps x 2 sets
215 kgs | 474 lbs x 2 reps x 3 sets
185 kgs | 407 lbs x 6 reps
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 8 reps
100 kgs | 220 lbs x 10 reps

Row Supersets with Deadlifts:
3 sets each
Barbell Rows 65 kgs | 143 lbs x 9 reps
Dumbbell Rows 30 kgs | 66 lbs x 13 reps
Low to High Band Rows #2 x 22 reps

Anderson Back Squats @ 9th Pin:
145 kgs | 320 lbs x 2 reps x 2 sets
155 kgs | 342 lbs x 2 reps

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