Deadlift Training with Dr. Kanishk & Getting Stronger with Ashim w/ VIDEO (27 Mar 2016)

Posted on 28 Mar 2016 14:40


Training recap of my extra workout and Dr. Kanishk's Deadlift training.

This title is going to come off as self congratulatory or pompous to some of y'all but allow me to explain. One of my oldest and bestest friends, Kanishk, visited me this weekend and we got in a good workout session. Kanishk is a licensed and certified medical practioner - he is a doctor and he's just begun the final year of his residency at a hospital in another city. If you've been watching my videos then you'll see him appear sporadically over the last two years and you will have noticed him as a season-regular before that for many years. So that's for the doctor part. About me: I had to put in an extra workout and this is a new rotation and I decided to just hit everything possible to get ready for tomorrow's deadlift workout. If I take too many days off or I don't lift much heavy stuff right before deadlifts I tend to lose my preparedness and the deadlift workout usually ends up being a struggle. So, this is me inching my way to getting stronger.

This video is going to feature both Kanishk's and my workouts. Kanishk trained deadlifts using bands and I did an extra workout. The clips are going to alternate between his work sets and mine. I will talk about Kanishk's workout first and then I'll get to mine.


Kanishk is vegan. Let me begin with that. Actually, most of the guys training with me are vegan. So probably it's no surprise that they don't look like bodybuilders. But, because of the way we train, they're all strong lifters. Kanishk has been training consistently for over a year now. He had a rough time in his first year of residency and he couldn't stay dedicated to training so he had a lay-off for about a year. His deadlift had receded at the time from 445 pounds and he's working his way back up. But this time, he is trying to lose weight and gain muscle too so he's stretched pretty thin.

Today's workout was all about pulling against bands for Kanishk and he hit some personal records today. The last two sets with 105 and 115 kilos are big PRs for him. He anticipated that he'd pull 177,5 kilos once the bands came off but he had to shut the workout down at 167,5 kilos which is 369 lbs and I didn't get that on video so you will not be seeing this lift. Just for the record, 167,5 kilos is 94 point something percent of his benchmark max.

About my training: those of you who've seen the previous video will know, I just matched my all time personal record on deadlifts with 240 kilos a few days ago and I also hit a bodyweight overhead press with 87,5 kilos a day later so I am still fairly exhausted and tired and mostly just lethargic. I got some horizontal pressing and pulling, some weighted dips and pull-ups, some grip work and then Anderson front squats which were so good. Looks like my love-hate relationship with squats is turning positive. I do want to mention that I am going to throw in some light unilateral leg training with split squats sometime later this week. I am ready for volume training on deadlifts after this workout.

Thanks for reading!


Extra Workout 1

Flat Dumbbell Press: 30 kgs | 66 lbs x 6 reps, 8 reps

DB Rows: Paused @ 3rd reps 30 kgs | 66 lbs x 12 reps x 2 sets

Grip Stuff:
Rolling Thunder Intensity
Rope Pull-ups

Weighted Dips: +25 kgs | +55 lbs x 5 reps x 2 sets

Weighted Pull-ups: +25 kgs | +55 lbs x 3 reps, 2 reps

Anderson Front Squats: 125 kgs | 275 lbs x 2 reps x 2 sets @ 9th Pins

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