Magic word: SCIENCE | Deadlifts 187,5 kgs 413 lbs & Bench Press 97,5 kgs 215 lbs Against Bands w/ VIDEO (01 May 2016)

Posted on 03 May 2016 18:34


Throwing around the word “science” tends to legitimize any argument. Training clips of this week’s band resisted deadlifts and bench press along with a whole lot of front squats.

Have you ever noticed how MUCH Indians love throwing the word "science" around? I know a lot of my viewers are from the West and Australia but I was surprised to see so many Indian fitness channels out here. Not like mine - I'm a strength only guy I don't pander to anyone just to get my view count up. What I observed is that the more Indians throw around the word "science", the more the Indian audience loves it. You can use the word “science” to justify ANYTHING and it will fly. Let me give you an example.

There is a channel called Alpharaj who made a video ridiculing one of India's fitness academy's named K11 because the founder posted his own video in which he talks about racking the bar on fixed pegs and how if the bar is unevenly racked it is easier to set the bar by picking it up one end at a time than picking it up from the center and righting it, because…wait for it…. HALF THE BAR IS ALREADY THERE!

Oh fuck…this shit cracked us UP Saturday night and we spent a good 45 minutes between sets of deadlifts that you are watching right now hysterically laughing at this. So search for the video on YouTube if you like and I guarantee that it will entertain you! Of course humor must be backed by facts and Alpharaj has given a detailed breakdown in actual physics with fulcrums and force movements blah blah of how walking the bar up fixed pegs works – and this is the geeky stuff, but you guys should check out the video just for the first half at the very least.


So anyway, back to what I was saying: over using the word "science". Almost ALL the other Indian channels like Desi Strength, some other vegan bodybuilding channel, etc and this shit works. K11 teaches scientific ways to get big and strong, Alpharaj is here to debunk bodybuilding myths using science, Desi Strength wants to get strong using science and weight lifting…same word thrown around by everyone! The more I read these descriptions the more I want to warn everyone that the next time they hit the gym they are going to witness a gaggle of wanna-be lifters with microscopes and force vector machines and all kinds of “scientific tools” examining actual lifters progress and then these academics will go ahead and make agenda backed comparisons! So all these channels and YouTube authorities are following and preaching science yet they don’t agree with everything? Is there a scientific reason for this?

Let me tell you something: these guys, these channels harping on the word “science”, are NOT doing whatever it takes, like Rich Piana would say - they are just catering to an impressionable audience using the fancy word: SCIENCE! Some of you who've been in the online world for a while will definitely relate to this. Remember that time when the word BIOMECHANICS was all the rage? Hey man I want to squat deep but I'm using a wide stance and a high bar position. What am I doing wrong? Son, your biomechanics are all fucked up. You are tall with a short torso and long femurs therefore if you used your leverages correctly (oh ho! there's another fancy word) - if you used your leverages correctly you should try to maintain that wide stance and pick a low bar position so it forces your short upper body to remain upright! Remember this bullshit? Haha!

I had a deja-vu moment because one of the guys commenting on some video about deadlifts (you know I had to look to see what my fellow countrymen were lifting) said that you're tall you shouldn't pull conventional you should pull sumo because science says that long-limbed individuals need to pull sumo. He had a humongous number of up votes on that comment with people saying "sir please make a video about this because it is so important to adhere to science while lifting". Man…. saying it out loud makes it seem like they were trolling him but they really weren't and this is hilarious.

Science does not say shit. If, however, you want to look at it in terms of hardcore DATA then just list the top deadlifters in the world, list their heights and list their preferred deadlift stances. What do you see? Conventional beats all. Does that mean everyone should do conventional? Well, science doesn't say shit and numbers don't lie so…. we're left with nothing. This data is not sufficient to make a decision for you! You have to experiment for yourself! Play around with the stance. Do you think you will have the same technique pulling 135 pounds as you will when you become strong enough to pull 455 pounds? Hell no! You will grow as a trainee - you will become more and more proficient and not only that but you may even change your stance completely! Leave room for that!

So here's the deal, for those of you who are really obsessed with science - I'm not talking to the guys who just like to throw some sciency sounding words around because they'll never be able to put their money where their mouths are; but the rest of you who actually do care about science, check out Eric Troy's brilliant article called What if the Fitness Industry Really Was Scientific?

Don’t get bought into something just because it is sounds like science or the word science has been used. Science has its place and real lifting and training experience will always be more important. Case in point: we already KNEW that lifting helps with ageing and compound movements will help with relieving pain, etc but it is only in 2015 that Queensland University in Australia actually proved this scientifically. So try to understand that science is not the end all and be all of lifting.

I have been putting up my training videos on YouTube since 2005 or something and I have noticed that two things sell. Science sells and sex sells. Sex isn't going to work for me and while practical hands-on hard result-oriented science would work for me: I am not here to sell you guys anything! haha!

Exercises Featured:

  1. Barbell Rows or Bent Over Barbell Rows
  2. Band Resisted Rows or High to Low Band Rows
  3. Front Squats
  4. Band Resisted Deadlifts or Deadlifts Against Bands
  5. Barbell Deadlifts
  6. Band Resisted Bench Press or Benching Against Bands or Bench Press Against Bands
  7. Flat Barbell Bench Press


Extra Workout 3

Grip Stuff:
Rolling Thunder Volume
Rope Pull-ups

Barbell Rows:
85 kgs | 187 lbs x 6 reps x 2 sets
High to Low Band Rows:
#2 x 14 reps x 2 sets

Front Squats:
125 kgs x 1 rep paused

Grip Stuff:
Fat Gripz Volume
Rope Pull-ups

Deadlift Day 2: Bands

#1 Band Resisted Deadlifts:
155 kgs | 342 lbs x 4 reps
167,5 kgs | 369 lbs x 3 reps
175 kgs | 386 lbs x 3 reps
185 kgs | 407 lbs x 3 reps
187,5 kgs | 413 lbs x 2 reps Personal Best!

225 kgs | 496 lbs x 3 reps
225 kgs | 496 lbs x 2 reps
185 kgs | 407 lbs x 7 reps

Front Squats w/ Wraps:
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 2 reps
135 kgs | 298 lbs x 1 rep

Bench Press Day 2: Bands

#1 Band Resisted Bench Press:
76 kgs | 168 lbs x 5 reps
81 kgs | 179 lbs x 4 reps
85,5 kgs | 189 lbs x 5 reps
90 kgs | 198 lbs x 3 reps
95 kgs | 209 lbs x 2 reps
97,5 kgs | 215 lbs x 1 rep Personal Best (PB)

Bench Press:
100 kgs | 220 lbs x 5 reps
100 kgs | 220 lbs x 5 reps
105 kgs | 232 lbs x 1 rep @ 95% of 1RM 110 kgs
75 kgs | 165 lbs x 21 reps Rest-Paused

Grip Stuff:
Rolling Thunder Intensity
Rope Pull-ups

Front Squats:
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 2 reps
135 kgs | 298 lbs x 2 reps
140 kgs | 309 lbs x 1 rep Benchmark Max
140 kgs | 309 lbs x 1 rep
125 kgs | 275 lbs x 2 reps

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